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Part NoApplication
IN74HC30AD 8-input NAND gate
IN74LV374D Octal D-time flip-flop; positive edge-trigger (3-state)
IN74AC174N Hex D flip-flop with common clock and reset high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74AC158N Quad 2-input data selector/multiplexer high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HCT244AN Octal 3-state noninverting buffer/line driver line receiver, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74AC20N Dual 4-input NAND gate high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC323DW 8-bit bidirectional universal shift register with parallel I/O, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IW4043BN Quad 3-state R/S latches, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IW4050BN Hex buffer/converter, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ALS04D Hex inverter advanced low power schottky TTL
IN74AC153N Dual 4-input data selector/multiplexer high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IW4034BN 8-stage static bidirectional parallel/serial input/output bus register, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC158AN Quad 2-input data selector/multiplexer, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT86D Quad 2-input exclusive or gate high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC03AD Quad 2-input NAND gate with open-drain outputs high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN9151N-3 Pulse dialer
IN74AC192N Presettable BCD/decode UP/DOWN counter high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IW4002BN Dual 4-input NOR gate, high-voltage silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT251N 8-input data selector/multiplexer with 3-state outputs high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74ACT153D Dual 4-input data selector/multiplexer high-speed silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC299DW 8-bit bidirectional universal shift register with parallel I/O, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74AC574N Octal 3-state noninverting D flip-flop high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IL34119N Low power audio amplifier
IN74ALS74N Dual D flip-flop with set and reset
IL386D Low voltage audio power AMP
IN74HCT126AN Quad 3-state noninverting buffers, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC112N Dual J-K flip-flop with set and reset, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS
IN74HC652DW Octal 3-state bus transceivers and D flip-flops, high-performance silicon-gate CMOS

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