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LK HLMP-DJ08 MSA-0670 PDT1442-AS-D4 HDSP-5723 LST2527-B-SF HDLU-2416 HFBR-1119T HLMP-GL26 HLMA-DH05 LSC2110-622-SC HFBR-1404TA HLMP-P106 LST2525-T-SC HSDL-7000 HDSP-6652 HCPL0452 LST3821-S4-SF MSA-0786-TR1 HLMP-1523 HLMA-CH00 HMMC-5027DC HCPL-0730/300 HLMA-VL00 HDSP-4200 XMT5370A

HP Datasheets Catalog-48

Part NoManufacturerApplication
HCPL-3101 HPPower MOSFET,IGBT gate drive optocoupler
MSA-2111-BLK HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
HLMP-DJ08 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
MSA-0670 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
PDT1442-AS-D4 HPPigtailed PIN photodiode
HDSP-5723 HPYellow LED segment display
LST2527-B-SF HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HDLU-2416 HP5 x 7 alphanumeric display, AlGaAs red
HFBR-1119T HPFiber optic transmitter and receiver data links for 266MBd
HLMP-GL26 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
HLMA-DH05 HP5mm, 3mm, high performance, tinted, diffused, AlInGaP, and TS AlGaAs red LED lamp
LSC2110-622-SC HP2.5mW 14 pin DIL cooled laser module
HFBR-1404TA HPLow cost, miniature fiber optic component with ST, SMA, SC and FC ports
HLMP-P106 HPSubminiature high performance TS AlGaAs red LED lamp
LST2525-T-SC HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HSDL-7000 HPIR 3,16 encode, decode IC
HDSP-6652 HPFour character 5mm hemetic 5x7 alphanumeric display for avionic applications, high efficiency red
HCPL0452 HPSingle channel, high speed optocoupler
LST3821-S4-SF HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
MSA-0786-TR1 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
HLMP-1523 HPT-1(3mm) diffused LED lamp
HLMA-CH00 HP5mm, 3mm, high performance AlInGaP LED lamp
HMMC-5027DC HP2-26.5 medium power amplifier
HCPL-0730/300 HPDual channel low input current, high gain optocoupler
HLMA-VL00 HP5mm, wide viewing angle, high intensity LED lamp
HDSP-4200 HP20mm (0.8inch) seven segment display
XMT5370A-155-ST HP155Mb/s logic interface laser transmitter FOR OC3,STM1
HCPL-4100#500 HPOptically coupled 20mA current loop transmitter
LST3921-FP HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HSDL-4230 HPHigh-performance T13/4 (5mm) TS AlGaAs infrared (875nm) lamp

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