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0 XMT5370B-622-FP 5082-2811 HLMP-8100 HCPL-2400#060 MSA-0520 HFBR-2416HB HSMD-C670 HLMP-GJ26 LST2827-T-SC HCPL-7860 HDSP-3903 HCPL-5431#100 HMMC-5022RF HLMP-6204 HLMT-CL00 AT-41411-BLK HLMP-UH22 HCPL-7101#500 HDSP-H158 AT-42035 MSA-0886-TR1 HCNW136#500 MSA-3135 IVA-14208-STR LSC2

HP Datasheets Catalog-35

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LST0400-FC-A HPConnectorized ELEDS
VTO-8360 HPVaractor-tuned oscillator
XMT5370B-622-FP HP622Mb/s logic interface laser transmitter
5082-2811 HPSchottky barrier diodes for general purpose applications, 15V
HLMP-8100 HP5mm high performance TS ALGaAs red LED lamp
HCPL-2400#060 HP20MBd high CMR logic gate optocoupler
MSA-0520 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
HFBR-2416HB HPLow cost, miniature fiber optic component with ST, SMA, SC and FC ports
HSMD-C670 HPSurface mount chip LED
HLMP-GJ26 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
LST2827-T-SC HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HCPL-7860 HPIsolation 15-bit A/D converter
HDSP-3903 HP20mm (0.8inch) seven segment display
HCPL-5431#100 HPHermetically sealed, very high speed, logic gate optocoupler
HMMC-5022RF HP2-22GHz GaAs MMIC traveling wave amplifier
HLMP-6204 HPSubminiature LED lamp
HLMT-CL00 HP5mm, 3mm, high performance AlInGaP LED lamp
AT-41411-BLK HPSurfase mount low noise silicon bipolar transistor chip
HLMP-UH22 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
HCPL-7101#500 HPHigh speed CMOS optocoupler
HDSP-H158 HPRed LED segment display
AT-42035 HPUP to 6GHz medium power silicon bipolar transistor
MSA-0886-TR1 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
HCNW136#500 HPSingle channel, high speed optocoupler
MSA-3135 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
IVA-14208-STR HPSilicon bipolar MMIC 2.5GHz variable gain amplifier
LSC2110-FP HP1mW 14 pin DIL cooled laser module
HCPL-3760#300 HPAC,DC to logic interface optocoupler
HLMP-DH08 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
HLMP-6755 HPSubminiature LED lamp

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