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Part NoApplication
LMA419 Low noise PHEMT MMIC
FPDA200V High performance PHEMT
LP6836 Medium power PHEMT
LP3000SOT89 Low noise, high linearity packaged PHEMT
LP750SOT89 Low noise, high linearity packaged PHEMT
LP6836P70 Packaged medium power PHEMT
LPS200P70 Packaged low noise PHEMT
LPV3000 2 W power PHEMT
LP7512 Ultra low noise PHEMT
LP3000P100 Packaged 2 W power PHEMT
LMA246 Low noise PHEMT MMIC
LMA411 Low noise PHEMT MMIC
LPD200MX Packaged high dynamic range PHEMT
LP7612 High dynamic range PHEMT
LMA208C 2-26 GHz MESFET amplifier
LMA421 Low noise PHEMT MMIC
LP6836SOT343 Packaged medium power PHEMT
LPV1500 1 W power PHEMT
FMA501 OC-192 modulator pre-driver amplifier
FP4050 2 W power PHEMT
LPD200SOT343 Packaged high dynamic range PHEMT
LMA441 Medium power PHEMT MMIC
LMA110A 0.5-6 GHz MESFET amplifier
LP1500 1 W power PHEMT
LP7612P70 Packaged high dynamic range PHEMT
LMA184 2-18 GHz MESFET amplifier
LPA6836V Medium power PHEMT
LP1500SOT89 Low noise, high linearity packaged PHEMT

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