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S1100LU-20 DS1245ABP-70-IND DS229S DS1233D-5 DS1672S-2 DS1302S-16 DS1866 DS232AS-N DS1621S DS1250ABP-70-IND DS1220AD-100-IND DS1220AD-120-IND DS1811-10 DS1669S-100/T&R DS1007S-7 DS2405P/T&R DS1312E DS2436Z DS2890/T&R DS80C320-ECL DS1040Z-A20 DS1210 DS1100Z-50 DS1220AB-100 DS1812R

Dallas Datasheets Catalog-23

Part NoManufacturerApplication
DS1040Z-B40 DallasProgrammable One-Shot Pulse Generator
DS1708 Dallas5.0 volt micromonitor, tolerance 10%
DS1100LU-20 Dallas3.3V 5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 20ns
DS1245ABP-70-IND Dallas1024K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS229S DallasTriple RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver
DS1233D-5 Dallas5V EconoReset
DS1672S-2 DallasLow Voltage Serial Time Keeping Chip
DS1302S-16 DallasTrickle Charge Timekeeping Chip
DS1866 DallasLog Trimmer Potentiometer
DS232AS-N DallasDual RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver
DS1621S DallasDigital Thermometer and Thermostat
DS1250ABP-70-IND Dallas4096K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1220AD-100-IND Dallas16K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1220AD-120-IND Dallas2k x 8 CMOS nonvolatile SRAM, 120ns
DS1811-10 Dallas5V EconoReset with Open Drain Output
DS1669S-100/T&R DallasDallastat Electronic Digital Rheostat
DS1007S-7 Dallas7-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS2405P/T&R DallasAddressable Switch
DS1312E DallasNonvolatile Controller with Lithium Battery Monitor
DS2436Z DallasBattery ID/Monitor Chip
DS2890/T&R Dallas1-Wire Digital Potentiometer
DS80C320-ECL DallasFast 80C31/80C32-compatible microcontroller, low-power, 33MHz, 256 bytes scratchpad RAM, Addresses 64 kB ROM and 64 kB RAM
DS1040Z-A20 DallasProgrammable One-Shot Pulse Generator
DS1210 DallasNonvolatile Controller Chip
DS1100Z-50 Dallas5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 50ns
DS1220AB-100 Dallas2k x 8 CMOS nonvolatile SRAM, 100ns
DS1812R-15/T&R Dallas5V EconoReset with Active High Push-Pull Output
DS1867E-100 DallasDual Digital Potentiometer with EEPROM
DS2433/T&R Dallas4 kbit 1-Wire EEPROM
DS1868S-050/T&R DallasDual Digital Potentiometer Chip

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