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N DS1013S-30 DS1554-100 DS1100LU-250 DS1000-50 DS1803E-050/T&R DS2251T-64-16 DS1236S-10N DS1100Z-30 DS1230AB-70 DS2480S DS1305E DS1213B DS1336N DS1135U-5 DS1642-100 DS1554P-100 DS1822 DS1742W-120 DS5000T-8-16 DS1007S-10/T&R DS1982-F5 DS1345ABP-70 DS1010S-150 DS1202N DS1033Z-30/T&

Dallas Datasheets Catalog-14

Part NoManufacturerApplication
DS1742W-150 DallasY2KC Nonvolatile Timekeeping RAM
DS21FT44N DallasFour x Three 12 Channel E1 Framer
DS1013S-30 Dallas3-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS1554-100 Dallas256K NV Y2KC Timekeeping RAM
DS1100LU-250 Dallas3.3V 5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 250ns
DS1000-50 Dallas5-Tap Silicon Delay Line
DS1803E-050/T&R DallasAddressable Dual Digital Potentiometer
DS2251T-64-16 Dallas128K Soft Microcontroller Module
DS1236S-10N DallasMicroManager Chip
DS1100Z-30 Dallas5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 30ns
DS1230AB-70 Dallas256K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS2480S DallasSerial 1-Wire Line Driver
DS1305E DallasSerial Alarm Real Time Clock (RTC)
DS1213B DallasSmartSocket 16K/64K
DS1336N DallasAfterburner Chip
DS1135U-5 Dallas3-in-1 High-Speed Silicon Delay Line
DS1642-100 DallasNonvolatile Timekeeping RAM
DS1554P-100 Dallas256K NV Y2KC Timekeeping RAM
DS1822 DallasEcono 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
DS1742W-120 DallasY2KC Nonvolatile Timekeeping RAM
DS5000T-8-16 DallasSoft microcontroller, 8-bit 8051 compatible, RAM=8K, 16MHz
DS1007S-10/T&R Dallas7-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS1982-F5 Dallas1 kbit Add-Only iButton
DS1345ABP-70 Dallas1024K Nonvolatile SRAM with Battery Monitor
DS1010S-150 Dallas10-Tap Silicon Delay Line
DS1202N DallasSerial timekeeping chip
DS1033Z-30/T&R Dallas3-in-1 Low Voltage Silicon Delay Line
DS1330WP-100 Dallas3.3V 256K Nonvolatile SRAM with Battery Monitor
DS1100LZ-300 Dallas3.3V 5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 300ns
DS1005S-100 Dallas5-Tap Silicon Delay Line

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