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Part NoApplication
AA104-73 GaAs IC 1 bit digital attenuator 32dB 2.5 GHz
SMV1204-24 Varactor diode
DMK8001-000 GaSa flip chip schottky diode
SMV1400-08 Varactor diode
SMP1302-011 Switch and attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
SMV1215-001 Hyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV1200-07 Varactor diode
SMV1255-011 Hyperabrupt tuning varactor
AW002R2-12 GaAs SPDT IC 10 Watt T/R switch DC-2.5 GHz
SMP1340-001 Fast switching speed, low capacitance plastic packaged pin diode
SMV1417-001 Abrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV1135-011 Hyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV1251-079 Hyperabrupt tuning varactor
AV113-12 HIP3 variable attenuator 2.1-2.3 GHz
AP640R5-A3 23-34 GHz surface mount SPDT switch
SMS3924-079 Surface mount general purpose schottky diode
SMV1249-003 Hyperabrupt tuning varactor
SMP1322-079 Low resistance plastic packaged PIN diode
AA035P3-00 31-35 GHz GaAs MMIC driver amplifier
SMP1304-005 Low distortion attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
SMS3923-075 Surface mount general purpose schottky diode
PD18-73 Two-way 0 power splitter combiner 1.71-1.99 GHz
SMV1270-079 Hyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
AFM08P2-000 Ka band power GaAs MESFET chip
SMV1705-079 Hyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV1401-98 Varactor diode
AA028P2-00 23.5-26.5 GHz GaAs MMIC driver amplifier
AS183-92 PHEMT GaAs IC SPDT switch DC-2.5 GHz

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