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Part NoApplication
FMMT5179 NPN silicon planar high frequency transistor
FMMT618 NPN silicon power transistor
BSR42 NPN silicon planar medium power transistor
ZXM64P03XTC 30 V P-channel enhancement mode mosfet
ZTX851 NPN silicon planar medium power high current transistor
ZXT10P12DE6TA 12 V PNP silicon low saturation switching transistor
ZV831BV2TA 28 V, silicon hyperabrupt varactor diode
ZXT14N20DXTC 20 V NPN silicon low saturation switching transistor
ZXCL200E5 Ultra small micropower 2V 100mA regulator
FMMT589 PNP silicon planar medium power high performance transistor
ZRC250F02 Precision 2.5 V low knee current voltage reference
ZMV829BTA 28 V, silicon hyperabrupt varactor diode
BCP56 NPN silicon planar medium power transistor
ZRA245R01 Precision 2.45 V voltage reference
ZRT040N8C2 4 V low power precision reference sourse
ZTX604 NPN silicon planar medium power darlington transistor
ZXCM209RF 2.63 V, Very low power microprocessor reset device
ZVP4525GTC 250 V, P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET
FZT649 NPN silicon planar high performance transistor
ZLLS500TA 40 V,Silicon high current low leakage schottky diode
ZLDO485TB 4.85 V, ultra low dropout regulator
ZXCL400H5 4 V, Ultra small micropower low dropout regulator
ZSH330G Supply voltage monitor
ZMV831BTA 28 V, silicon hyperabrupt varactor diode
ZC835ATA 28 V, silicon hyperabrupt varactor diode
ZDT617 Dual NPN medium power high gain transistor
FMMT560 PNP silicon planar high voltage transistor
ZTX322 NPN silicon planar high speed switching transistor

Zetex Profile

Zetex Semiconductors is a leading provider of high performance analog semiconductor solutions for signal processing and power management. The Zetex portfolio comprises power management and signal management products used in a huge variety of applications, such as cellular phones, digital cameras, home theater and other audio applications, hand-held games, PDAs, laptops and battery chargers, to name just a few. In Power Management, Zetex offers a growing range of IC products and solutions, including LED drivers for LCD back lighting, single/dual cell boost converters, current monitors, fan motor controllers and low dropout regulators. Discrete products include a wide range of low on-resistance N and P channel MOSFETs, low saturation bipolar transistors, dual transistor combination products, Schottky rectifier diodes and RF Schottky barrier diodes. Signal Management includes an expanding range of audio, video and satellite products such as video and high speed buffers, video amplifiers, video sync separators, filters and LNB bias controllers. Discrete signal Schottky and varactor diodes are also available.

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