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Part NoApplication
TGS8250-SCC SPDT FET switch
TQ8032-M Crosspoint switch
TGF1350-SCC Discrete MESFET
TQ8025 16x16 digital crosspoint switch
TGA8300-SCC Gain block amplifier
TQ5622 3V PCS receiver IC with power-down
TGA8349-SCC Gain block amplifier
TGS8422-SCC SP4T FET switch
TGF4260-EPU 9.6 mm discrete HFET
TQ9222 Dual-band TDMA LNA/downconverter IC
TGA8035-SCC Gain block amplifier
GA1088MC700 11-output configurable clock buffer
TGF4112-EPU 12 mm discrete HFET
TQ6122-M 1 gigasample/sec, 8-bit-to-analog converter
TQ6124-CM 1 gigasample/sec, 14-bit-to-analog converter
TQ1089MC500 11-output configurable clock buffer
TQ2061MC High-frequency clock generator
TQ8106S Sonet/SDH transceiver
GA1087MC700 11-output configurable clock buffer
TGA1319B Ka band low noise amplifier
TQ6122 1 gigasample/sec, 8-bit-to-analog converter
TQ9147B 2-stage AMPS power amplifier IC
ETF-8103 622 Mb/s clock & data recovery
TGA1081-EPU 26-29 GHz medium power amplifier
GA1086MC1000 11-output clock buffer
TQ8015-Q 1.25 gigabit/sec crosspoint switch
TGA8061-SCC .1-3.5 GHz low noise amplifier
TQ3132 Low current, 3V cellular band CDMA/AMPS LNA IC

TriQuint Profile

TriQuint's standard products include high-performance, low-cost digital, analog and mixed signal GaAs RFICs which are used in a wide variety of communications systems. The company also provides applications-specific and custom circuit solutions for major communications system original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Standard products offered by the TriQuint Texas facility cover a range of DC to 35 GHz applications and include amplifiers, attenuators, switches and discrete FET products with a history of performance and reliability unmatched in the industry.

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