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L4023BN SL4520BN SL74LS161D SL74HC299D SL74HC640D SL74LS05D SL4060BD SL74LV138D SL74HC11N SL4050BD SL74HC165D SL4002BD SL74HC595N SL74HC74N SL4043BD SL74LS157D SL4028BN SL4015BN SL34063AP1 SL74HC652N SL74HCT240D SL4541BD SL74HC192D SL74HC10D SL4052BN SL74LV374N SL4070BD SL74HC132

System Logic Datasheets Catalog-9

Part NoManufacturerApplication
SL74LS14D System LogicHex schmitt-trigger inverter.
SL4030BD System LogicQuad exlusive-OR gate. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4023BN System LogicTriple 3-input NAND gate. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4520BN System LogicDual up-counter. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74LS161D System LogicSynchronous 4 bit counter; binary, direct reset.
SL74HC299D System Logic8-bit bidirectional universal shift register with parallel I/O. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC640D System LogicOctal 3-state inverting bus transceiver. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74LS05D System LogicHex inverter with open-drain outputs.
SL4060BD System Logic14-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74LV138D System Logic3-to-8 decoder/demultiplexer.
SL74HC11N System LogicTriple 3-input AND gate. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4050BD System LogicHex buffer/converter. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC165D System Logic8-bit serial or parallel-input/serial-output shift register. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4002BD System LogicDual 4-input NOR gate. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC595N System Logic8-bit serial-input/serial or parallel-output shift register with latched 3-state outputs. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC74N System LogicDual D flip-flop with set and reset. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4043BD System LogicQuad 3-state R/S latch. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74LS157D System LogicQuad 2-input data selector/multiplexer
SL4028BN System LogicBCD-to-decimal decoder. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4015BN System LogicDual 4-stage static shift register. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL34063AP1 System LogicDC-to-DC converter control circuit
SL74HC652N System LogicOctal 3-state bus transceiver and D flip-flop. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HCT240D System LogicOctal 3-state inverting buffer/line driver/line receiver . High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4541BD System LogicProgrammable timer. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC192D System LogicPresettable BCD/decade UP/DOWN counter. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC10D System LogicTriple 2-input NAND gate. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL4052BN System LogicAnalog multiplexer demultiplexer. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74LV374N System LogicOctal D-time flip-flop; positive edge-trigger (3-state).
SL4070BD System LogicQuad exlusive-OR gate. High-voltage silicon-gate CMOS.
SL74HC132N System LogicQuad 2-input NAND gate with schmitt-trigger inputs. High-performance silicon-gate CMOS.

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