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Part NoApplication
SE1000W LightCharger 155 Mb/s transimpedance amplifier.
SE1030W LightCharger 2.5 Gb/s transimpedance amplifier.
D602 3V, 6GHz divide-by-2 static prescaler final.
SE1050W LightCharger 10 Gb/s transimpedance amplifier.
SE2522L RangeCharger 2.4 GHz power amplifier and power decoder IC.
SE1230Q LightCharger 2.5 Gb/s automatic gain control amplifier.
PA2423MB 2.4 GHz bluetooth class 1 power amplifier IC.
PA2423G 2.4 GHz bluetooth class 1 power amplifier IC.
LPT16ED 30 GHz SiGe bipolar transistor.
PA2423L 2.4 GHz bluetooth class 1 power amplifier IC.
SE2520L RangeCharger 2.4 Gb/s power amplifier IC.
SE2522BL RangeCharger 2.4 GHz + 23 dBm power amplifier.
SE4100L-R PointCharger GPS receiver IC.
SE1010W LightCharger 622 Mb/s transimpedance amplifier.
SE1020W 1.25 Gb/s transimpedance amplifier.

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