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Part NoApplication
RMPA1955-99 3V tri-band GSM/GPRS power amplifier MMIC
RMPA61800 Dual channel 6-18 GHz 2 Watt power amplifier MMIC
RMPA61810 Single channel 6-18 GHz 1 Watt power amplifier MMIC
RMBA19500A-58 2 Watt GaAs MMIC power amplifier
RMWT04001 4-12 GHz tripler MMIC
RMWB24001 24 GHz buffer amplifier MMIC
RMWL26001 21-26.5 GHz low noise amplifier MMIC
RMPA2450-58 2.4-2.5 GHz GaAs power amplifier MMIC
RMWP26001 24-26.5 GHz power amplifier MMIC
RMWP23001 21-24 GHz power amplifier MMIC
RMBA19500-58 PCS 2 Watt linear GaAs MMIC power amplifier
RMPA29000 27-30 GHz 1 Watt power amplifier MMIC
RMM2080 2-18 GHz Wideband variable-gain driver amplifier
RMWB04001 4 GHz buffer amplifier MMIC
RMTR13390 13-39 GHz tripler MMIC
RMLA3565A-58 Wideband low noise MMIC amplifier
RMPA1901-53 PCS CDMA GaAs power amplifier MMIC
RMWP38001 37-40 GHz power amplifier MMIC
RMBA09500-58 Cellular 2 Watt linear GaAs MMIC power amplifier
RMPA2451B-58 2.4-2.5 GHz GaAs power amplifier MMIC
RMLA00400 40 Gb/s transimpedance amplifier
RMPA0953-103 3V cellular AMPS and CDMA power amplifier module
RMPA2051-102 3V PCS WCDMA/CDMA 2000 power amplifier module
RMPA2000-58 1.8-2 GHz GaAs power amplifier MMIC
RMPA1902A-58 PCS GaAs power amplifier MMIC
RMWB12001 12 GHz buffer amplifier MMIC
RMWB11001 11 GHz buffer amplifier MMIC
RMWD24001 21-26.5 GHz driver amplifier MMIC

Raytheon Profile

Raytheon RF Components (RRFC), located in Andover, MA, was founded in 1984 and today we are providing our customers with leading-edge custom MMIC, Module and Multi-function solutions for defense and other performance driven applications. Since our inception, we have provided our customers with advanced technologies critical to their success, first with MESFET, followed by pHEMT, mHEMT, E/D-PHEMT, and now GaN.

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