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Part NoApplication
BA6444FP 3-phase motor driver
BR24C01AFV-W Spindle motor driver IC CD-ROM/RW
BA3714F 1,5V signal sensor
IMB3A Dual digital PNP transistor, general purpose
UDZ22B Zener diode
DTA123YUA Digital PNP transistor (with resistors)
SLA-370JT High luminance, small LED
BP5034A24 AC/DC converter unit
BU4081B Quad 2-input AND gate
DTC323TS Digital NPN transistor (with resistor)
DTC343TK Digital NPN transistor (with resistor)
BA3308FV Dual preamplifier with ALC
IMB5A Dual digital PNP transistor, general purpose
UMB5N Dual digital PNP transistor, general purpose
UMT2222A NPN medium power, switching transistor
DTC144TKA Digital NPN transistor (with resistor)
DTA113ZSA Digital PNP transistor (with resistor)
BA5934FP 4-channel BTL driver for CD player
BA17820FP 20V regulator
2SD2211 Power transistor
BA8272F Bus interface for car audio
RPI-122 Photointerrupter, double-layer mold type
BA8204F Tone ringer IC for telephone set
SML-210MT Small chip LED (green)
BA6267 Hex buffer/driver
LB-403VF1 High efficiency, three-digit numeric display
BP5319 DC/DC converter for LCD
RLD-65MC Red laser diode for DVD

ROHM Profile

Rohm Co., Ltd., is a market-driven, completely independent semiconductor company specializing in semiconductor components such as ICs,transistors, diodes, LEDs, laser diodes, LCDs, printheads, resistors, and capacitors. The company was started in the 1950s, supplyingspecialized small resistors for radios. ROHM Products EEPROMs Clock Generators Voltage Detector ICs Motor Drivers Power Management ICs LED / LCD Drivers Sensor ICs Operational Amplifiers / Comparators Analog Switches / Logics D/A Converters IT Equipment/Interface ICs Video and Imaging ICs Audio ICs

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