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Part NoApplication
FS10VSJ-06 60V trench gate MOSFET
PM15RSH120 1200V, 15A seven pac IGBT module
BCR12CM-8L 400V, 12A triac
TA20061803DH 600V, 1800A phase control single thyristor
T700143004BY 1400V, 300A phase control single thyristor
FS5KM-18A 900V planar process MOSFET
BCR16PM-8L 400V, 16A triac
R6021225HSYA 1200V, 250A fast recovery single diode
FS40SM-5 250V planar process MOSFET
T510025004AQ 200V, 50A phase control single thyristor
PD421007 1000V, 700A general purpose scr/diode module diode
CS241210 1200V, 100A fast recovery fast recovery single diode
QRD1230T30 1200V, 300A fast recovery dual diode
R7004403XXUA 4400V, 300A general purpose single diode
CM1000HA-24H 1200V, 1000A single IGBT module
R6030635ESYA 600V, 350A fast recovery single diode
FK10KM-9 450V fast recovery body diode MOSFET
A430PD 1400V, 1000A general purpose single diode
TA20021603DH 200V, 1600A phase control single thyristor
C391PN 1800V, 490A phase control single thyristor
R9G20815AS 800V, 1500A fast recovery single diode
R5101010XXWA 1000V, 100A general purpose single diode
FS30SM-5 250V planar process MOSFET
FS12UMA-4A 200V planar process MOSFET
1N4055R 900V, 275A general purpose single diode
CS340602 600V, 20A fast recovery fast recovery single diode
FS14KM-9 450V planar process MOSFET
FS5ASJ-06 60V trench gate MOSFET

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Product Category IGBTs 250V (Single, Dual & 6-Pac) 600V Standard Frequency (up to 20kHz) (Single, Dual, Chopper, 4-Pac, 6-Pac & 7-Pac) 600V Standard Frequency (up to 20kHz) THIN PACKAGE (Single, Dual, CIB, 7-Pac) 600V High Frequency Application (30kHz to 70kHz) (Dual) 1200V Standard Frequency (up to 20kHz) (Single, Dual, Chopper, 4-Pac, 6-Pac & 7-Pac) 1200V Standard Frequency (up to 20kHz) THIN PACKAGE (Single, Dual, CIB, 7-Pac) 1200V High Frequency Application (30kHz to 70 kHz) (Dual) 1400V IGBTs (Single, Dual, 6-PAC) 1700V IGBTs (A-SERIES & HVIGBT) 2500V HVIGBT (Singles & Duals) 3300V HVIGBT (Singles, Choppers & Duals) 4500V HVIGBT 6500V HVIGBT IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Features MOSFET Modules Recommended MOSFET Modules MOSFET Module Features IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules) Dual (200-600A & 600/1200V) 6-Pac (25-600A/600&1200V) L-Series 7-Pac (25-300A/600 &1200V) L-Series Photovoltaic (PV) IPMs (50-75A 600V) HV-IPM 1200A-3300V IPM (Intelligent Power Modules) Features DIP-IPMs DIP-IPMs (recommended) DIP-IPM (Intelligent Power Module) Features Accessories IGBT Gate Drivers DC-DC Converter Modules High Voltage Integrated Circuits-HVICs Transistor Arrays Sensor Silicon Bilateral Switch Development Kits /Prototype Boards Accessories (including Gate Drive Circuits and DC to DC Converter) Features Discrete Thyristors Phase Control Disc/Hockey Puk SCR Phase Control Stud SCR Inverter Grade Disc/Hockey Puk SCR Inverter Grade Stud SCR Discrete Thyristor (Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR) Features Discrete Rectifiers General Purpose Disc/Hockey Puk General Purpose Stud Diode Fast Recovery Disc/Hockey Puk Fast Recovery Stud Diode Discrete Rectifier Features Thyristor & Diode Modules Diode Modules Thyristor Modules Thyristor/Diode Modules Thyristor/Diodes (POW-R-BRIK tm) Thyristor & Diode Module Features Fast-Recovery & Three-Phase Diode Modules Fast Recovery Diodes Three-Phase Bridges Create Your Own Custom Module Fast-Recovery & Three-Phase Diode Features Assemblies Three-Phase AC Switch Three-Phase DC Rectifier Three-Phase Half Controlled Rectifier Three-Phase Full Controlled Rectifier Create Your Own Assembly Assembly Configurations & Features IGBT Assemblies (POW-R-PAK) Three-Phase Bridge H-Bridge Half Bridge Create Your Own Assembly IGBT Power Assembly Features & Options Custom Modules Custom IGBT Modules Custom Fast-Recovery & Three-Phase Diode Modules Custom MOSFET Modules Create Your Own Custom Module Custom Module Options & Features

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