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000MDB BFG67/XR P87C576EFAA UMA1015M/C2 74HC4046AD BDX45 BZD23-C7V5 BLV958 SAA5250P PCD5042HZ UCB1510DB BLF368 BC856 BDX37 TEA1069AH NE56612-42 BYQ40EW-200 PCA1611U/10/F2 S80C851-5B44 PZM13NB2A TEA1081 74HC241U SA3603 BU2525DW TDA9813T PMBZ5236B BZX84-B47 74HC154PW

Philips Datasheets Catalog-235

Part NoManufacturerApplication
PMST4403 PhilipsPNP switching transistor
AU5780 PhilipsSAE/J1850/VPW transceiver
PCK2000MDB PhilipsCK97 (66/100 MHz) Mobile System Clock Generator
BFG67/XR PhilipsNPN 8 GHz wideband transistors
P87C576EFAA Philips16 MHz, 8-bit microcontroller family 8K/256 OTP/ROM, 6 channel 10-bit A/D, 4 comparator, failure detect circuitry, watchdog timer
UMA1015M/C2 PhilipsLow-power dual frequency synthesizer for radio communications
74HC4046AD PhilipsPhase-locked-loop with VCO
BDX45 PhilipsPNP Darlington transistors
BZD23-C7V5 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BLV958 PhilipsUNF power ransistor.
SAA5250P PhilipsInterface for data acquisition and control (for multi-standard teletext systems)
PCD5042HZ Philips6.5 V, DECT burst mode controller
UCB1510DB PhilipsAC97 digital modem codec
BLF368 PhilipsVHF push-pull power MOS transistor
BC856 PhilipsPNP general purpose transistors
BDX37 PhilipsNPN switching transistor.
TEA1069AH PhilipsVersatile speech/dialler/ringer with music-on-hold.
NE56612-42 PhilipsSystem reset, 4.2V
BYQ40EW-200 PhilipsRectifier diode ultrafast, rugged.
PCA1611U/10/F2 Philips32 kHz watch circuits with EEPROM
S80C851-5B44 Philips1.2-16 MHz, CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with on-chip EEPROM
PZM13NB2A Philips13 V, 5 mA, voltage regulator double diode
TEA1081 Philips12 V,supply circuit with power-down for telephone set peripheral
74HC241U PhilipsOctal buffer/line driver; 3-state
SA3603 PhilipsCellular-band low voltage front-end
BU2525DW Philips1500 V, silicon diffused power transistor
TDA9813T PhilipsVIF-PLL with QSS-IF and dual FM-PLL demodulator.
PMBZ5236B PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
BZX84-B47 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
74HC154PW Philips4-to-16 line decoder/demultiplexer

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