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Part NoApplication
PM3386 Dual gigabit ethernet controller
PM9311-UC Enhanced TT1 switch fabric
PM5345 S/UNI-155 Saturn user network interface
PM341A-QI Single DSX-1 transceiver device
PM5384 Single channel OC-3c ATM and POS physical layer device
PM5351-BI Saturn user network interface (155-TETRA)
PM7341 S/UNI inverse multiplexing for ATM, 84 links
RM7000A-350T RM7000A microprocessor with On-chip secondary cache
PM3370 Octal 10/100 Mbit/s switch port-controller
PM5371 VT/TU cross-connect switch
PM5357 622Mbit/s ATM and packet over Sonet
PM9315-HC Enhanced TT1 switch fabric
PM3351 Single-port 10/100 Mbit/s ethernet switch
PM7329 Packet/ATM traffic manager and switch
PM6341 T1 transceiver
PM8313-RI M13 multiplexer
PM3386-BI Dual gigabit ethernet controller
PM7329-BI Packet/ATM traffic manager and switch
PM7351 Octal serial link multiplexer
PM7323-SI ATM layer routing control, monitoring and policing 200 MBPS
PM5361-EI Sonet/SDH tributary unit payload processor
RM7000-225S RM7000 microprocessor with On-chip secondary cache
PM3350 8 port 10 Mbit/s switch
PM8610-BIAP SBI bus serializer (SBS) telecom standard product
RM5261A-300-HI RM5261A microprocessor with 64-bit system bus
PM9311 Enhanced TT1 switch fabric
RM7000B 64-bit MIPS RISC microprocessor with integrated L2 cache
PM5312 Sonet/SDH transport overhead terminating transceiver

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PMC-Sierra - Broadband Communications and Storage ChipsChips for access, metro, wireless infrastructure, storage, enterprise and CPE

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