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Part NoApplication
OZ6812B ACPI cardbus controller
OZ6833T ACPI cardbus controller
OZ965IG High-efficiency inverter controller
OZ962G High-efficiency inverter controller
OZ965IR High-efficiency inverter controller
OZ6933B ACPI cardbus controller
OZ962R High-efficiency inverter controller
OZ965G High-efficiency inverter controller
OZ968G SMBus smart inverter controller
OZ998S Intelligent manager smart multi-DIMM selector
OZ6833B ACPI cardbus controller
OZ6933T ACPI cardbus controller
OZ6912B Single-Slot ACPI cardbus controller
OZ6912T Single-Slot ACPI cardbus controller
OZ965R High-efficiency inverter controller
OZ6812T ACPI cardbus controller
OZ990S Intelligent manager smart PMU/GRIO

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Founded in March 1995, O2Micro designs, develops and markets innovative power management and security components for mobile communication, computers, Internet appliance, and LCD products. Products include AudioDJ, CardBus Controller, SmartCardBus, CCFL Backlight Inverter and Battery Management IC's.

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