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AM LM5000EVAL 54ACTQ244SMQB LMX1600TM COPCF988N ADC0817MWC NMC93C56MM LM3354-1.8EVAL LM3704XDMMX-463 DS75154MX LMV981MFX LP2988AIMMX-5.0 DS90LV047ATM 54F86DMQB 5962-8955101EA DS90CR286MTDX LM3815MX-1.0 LM7171BIM LM6172IN LMX2305WG-MLS LM311MWC DS26LS31MJ-MLS 5962-8766301SSA JM385

National Semiconductor Datasheets Catalog-98

Part NoManufacturerApplication
ADC12H038CIWM National SemiconductorSelf-Calibrating 12-Bit Plus Sign Serial I/O A/D Converters with MUX and Sample/ Hold
DS8922AM National SemiconductorRS-422 dual differential line driver and receiver pairs
LM5000EVAL National SemiconductorHigh Voltage Switch Mode Regulator
54ACTQ244SMQB National SemiconductorQuiet series octal buffer/line driver with TRI-STATE outputs. Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing chipped in tubes.
LMX1600TM National Semiconductor2.0 GHz/500 MHz PLLatinum Low Cost Dual Frequency Synthesizer
COPCF988N National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS ROM Based Microcontrollers with 4k Memory and A/D Converter
ADC0817MWC National Semiconductor8-Bit Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converter with 16-Channel Multiplexer
NMC93C56MM National Semiconductor2048-bit serial elecrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM)
LM3354-1.8EVAL National SemiconductorRegulated 90mA Buck-Boost Switched Capacitor DC/DC Converter
LM3704XDMMX-463 National SemiconductorMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuits with Power Fail Input, Low Line Output and Manual Reset
DS75154MX National SemiconductorQuad Line Receiver
LMV981MFX National SemiconductorSingle 1.8V, RRIO Operational Amplifiers with Shutdown
LP2988AIMMX-5.0 National SemiconductorMicropower, 200 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Low Noise Voltage Regulator with Programmable Power-On Reset Delay
DS90LV047ATM National Semiconductor3V LVDS Quad CMOS Differential Line Driver
54F86DMQB National SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
5962-8955101EA National SemiconductorDual JK Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop
DS90CR286MTDX National Semiconductor+3.3V Rising Edge Data Strobe LVDS 28-Bit Channel - 66 MHz
LM3815MX-1.0 National SemiconductorFast Current Gauge IC with Ultra Low Loss Sense Element and PWM Output, for Low-Side Sensing
LM7171BIM National SemiconductorVery High Speed, High Output Current, Voltage Feedback Amplifier
LM6172IN National SemiconductorDual High Speed, Low Power, Low Distortion Voltage Feedback Amplifiers
LMX2305WG-MLS National SemiconductorPLLatinum Frequency Synthesizer for RF Personal Communications
LM311MWC National SemiconductorVoltage Comparator
DS26LS31MJ-MLS National SemiconductorQuad High Speed Differential Line Drivers
5962-8766301SSA National SemiconductorOctal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Inputs/ Outputs
JM38510/33002BC National SemiconductorHex Inverter
DS92LV1023TMSAX National Semiconductor40 MHz-66MHz 10-Bit Serializer
LM4051AIM3-1.2 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
JM38510/33203SR National SemiconductorOctal Buffer/Line Driver with TRI-STATE Outputs
CLC5523IM National SemiconductorLow-Power Variable Gain Amplifier
GL-266B-85-2.9 National SemiconductorGeode Processor Integrated x86 Solution with MMX Support

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