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C66EN JM38510/30605SC DS3883AVB 54ACTQ244QMQB LM8364BALMF30 LM9702DEV-KIT 74F2620SCX LM2673SX-3.3 100341MW8 JM38510R76302B2 JM38510R76202SF 5962-9060001PA CLC414AJE LM3705XCMM-308 5962-9098501M2A 5962-86710023A LMC1992CCN 5962R9863702VZA COP87L40RJN-3N LMC7221AIM 54ACTQ574DMQB NM

National Semiconductor Datasheets Catalog-19

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LM3722I2.32MWC National Semiconductor5-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuits
NMC93C66EN National Semiconductor4096-bit serial elecrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM)
JM38510/30605SC National Semiconductor8-Bit Serial In/Parallel Out Shift Register with Asynchronous Clear
DS3883AVB National SemiconductorBTL 9-Bit Data Transceiver
54ACTQ244QMQB National SemiconductorQuiet series octal buffer/line driver with TRI-STATE outputs. Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing chipped in tubes.
LM8364BALMF30 National SemiconductorMicropower Undervoltage Sensing Circuits
LM9702DEV-KIT National SemiconductorReal Time Digital Image Processor
74F2620SCX National SemiconductorInverting octal bus transceiver with 25 Ohm series resistors in the outputs. Devices shipped in 13 inches reels.
LM2673SX-3.3 National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator with Adjustable Current Limit
100341MW8 National SemiconductorLow Power 8-Bit Shift Register
JM38510R76302B2 National Semiconductor4-Bit Binary Counter, Asynchronous Reset
JM38510R76202SF National SemiconductorDual 4-Input Multiplexer
5962-9060001PA National SemiconductorFast Settling Video Op Amp with Disable
CLC414AJE National SemiconductorQuad, Low-Power Monolithic Op Amp
LM3705XCMM-308 National SemiconductorMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuits with Power Fail Input, Low Line Output and Manual Reset
5962-9098501M2A National Semiconductor8-Bit Identity Comparator
5962-86710023A National Semiconductor4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit
LMC1992CCN National SemiconductorDigitally-Controlled Stereo Tone and Volume Circuits
5962R9863702VZA National SemiconductorOperational Amplifier
COP87L40RJN-3N National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS OTP Microcontrollers with 4k or 32k Memory and Comparator
LMC7221AIM National SemiconductorTiny CMOS Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Input and Open Drain Output
54ACTQ574DMQB National SemiconductorQuiet Series Octal D Flip-Flop with TRI-STATE Outputs
NM24C09N National Semiconductor8192-bit serial EEPROM with synchronous serial bus and write protect.
LMC6442IMM National SemiconductorDual Micropower Rail-to-Rail Output Single Supply Operational Amplifier
LM2575MX-ADJ National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
LMV7219M5 National Semiconductor7 nsec, 2.7V to 5V Comparator with Rail-to Rail Output
DS92LV040ATLQA National Semiconductor4 Channel Bus LVDS Transceiver
DP8459V-10 National SemiconductorAll-Code Data Synchronizer [Life-time buy]
ADC0833CCJ National Semiconductor8-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converter with 4-Channel Multiplexer
LM161H/883 National SemiconductorHigh Speed Differential Comparator

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