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1AMC LMS8117AMPX-1.8 LM193AJ-MPR OBSPSGDIE ADC0848CCVX LM139E/883 DAC1230LD-MSP DAC0832LCWM LMV821M7X LM1117IDTX-ADJ JM54AC377B2A-RH ADC0832CIWMX COPEK988N LM1882CM CGS410V 5962-9091601BSA ADC08238CIWM DS26F32MD8 54ACTQ244QMQB LPC661IM LM2931Z-5.0 JM38510/75202BD LM4040BIM3X-2.5

National Semiconductor Datasheets Catalog-148

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LM3411AM5X-5.0 National SemiconductorPrecision Secondary Regulator/Driver
CLC401AMC National SemiconductorFast Settling Wideband, High-Gain Monolithic Op Amp
LMS8117AMPX-1.8 National Semiconductor1A Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
LM193AJ-MPR National SemiconductorLow Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator
OBSPSGDIE National SemiconductorReal Time Clock (RTC) [Not recommended for new designs]
ADC0848CCVX National Semiconductor8-Bit Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converter with Multiplexer Option
LM139E/883 National SemiconductorLow Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator
DAC1230LD-MSP National SemiconductorDAC1208/DAC1209/DAC1210/DAC1230/DAC1231/DAC1232 12-Bit, Microprocessor Compatible, Double Buffered D/A Converter
DAC0832LCWM National Semiconductor8-bit Microprocessor Compatible, Double-Buffered D/A Converter
LMV821M7X National Semiconductor5MHz, Low Voltage, Low Power, RRO, 5 MHz Op Amps
LM1117IDTX-ADJ National Semiconductor800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
JM54AC377B2A-RH National SemiconductorOctal D Flip-Flop with Clock Enable
ADC0832CIWMX National Semiconductor8-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converter with Multiplexer Option
COPEK988N National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS ROM Based Microcontrollers with 8k Memory, Comparator, and Single-slope A/D Capability
LM1882CM National SemiconductorProgrammable Video Sync Generator
CGS410V National SemiconductorProgrammable Video Pixel Clock Generator [Life-time buy]
5962-9091601BSA National Semiconductor8-Bit Identity Comparator
ADC08238CIWM National Semiconductor8-Bit 2-microsecond Serial I/O A/D Converter with MUX, Reference and Track/Hold
DS26F32MD8 National SemiconductorQuad Differential Line Receivers
54ACTQ244QMQB National SemiconductorQuiet series octal buffer/line driver with TRI-STATE outputs. Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing chipped in tubes.
LPC661IM National SemiconductorLow Power CMOS Operational Amplifier
LM2931Z-5.0 National SemiconductorSeries Low Dropout Regulators
JM38510/75202BD National SemiconductorQuad 2-input Exclusive-OR Gate
LM4040BIM3X-2.5 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
LM4040BIM3X-10 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
DS26LV31TMX National Semiconductor3V Enhanced CMOS Quad Differential Line Driver
ADC08038BIWM National Semiconductor8-Bit High Speed Serial I/O A/D Converter with Multiplexer Options, Voltage Ref. and Track/Hold Function
FLINK3V8BT-65 National Semiconductor+3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 24-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link-65 MHz
LM129AH National SemiconductorPrecision Reference
LP3986TLX-2528 National SemiconductorDual Micropower 150 mA Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulators in micro SMD Package

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