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Part NoApplication
C25P20FR 200 V, diode
FSH04A03L 30 V, diode
FSH05A06B 60 V, diode
FCH30A10 100 V, diode
EA60QC03L-F 30 V, diode
FSH05A10B 100 V, diode
10DF4 diode
30DF4 400 V, diode
11EFS4 400 V, diode
C10T03QLH-11A 30 V, diode
EA30QS09-F 90 V, diode
FRH20A15 150 V, diode
FCQ30A06 60 V, diode
EA31FS6 600 V, diode
KSQ30A06 60 V, diode
EA60QC04-F 40 V, diode
FSQ05A06 60 V, diode
KCF16A60 600 V, diode
KCH30A09 90 V, diode
30DF6 600 V, diode
EA30QS04 40 V, diode
FSH10A10B 100 V, diode
FSU10A60 600 V, diode
GCH20A10 100 V, diode
KCH20A09 90 V, diode
EC10DS4 400 V, diode
GCQ30A06 60 V, diode
FSQ10A06 60 V, diode

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manufacture and sales of products (self-manufactured products) Semiconductor Discrete Products Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD), Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED), Rectifier Diode used for large, middle or small electricity, Thyristor, and etc. Semiconductor Applied Products Power Module, Stack sales of merchandise (products of other companies) Semiconductor, Electric Component, Liquid Crystal Display, Power Supply, Battery, and etc.

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