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78GV 2SK1656-T/JM UPD17227GT-XX-T2 NEZ7177-3AM(1) UPC4074G2 MC-458CA726PFB-A10 RD12UJ NDL5421P2 UPC78N15H RD27M-L UPD78CP14KB 2SD1005 NDL7563P1 EQ1-22111S RD13ESAB2 UPD70208HLP-10 RD7.5JS-T4 UPD703040GM-XX-UEU 2SK3109 UPD16681AW-011 UPD17233MC-XX-5A4 2SJ324 UPD70208HGK-10-9EU RD7

NEC Datasheets Catalog-70

Part NoManufacturerApplication
UPD70108HCZ-10 NEC16-bit MOS microprocessor, 10MHz
UPC1678GV NECSilicon middle-power output high frequency wide-band amplifier
2SK1656-T/JM NECMOS field effect transistor
UPD17227GT-XX-T2 NECSmall general-purpose/remote-control 4-bit single-chip microcontroller
NEZ7177-3AM(1) NECGaAs FET
UPC4074G2 NECQuad operational amplifier
MC-458CA726PFB-A10 NEC64M-byte(8M-word x 72-bit) SDRAM DIMM
RD12UJ NEC150 mW planar type 2-pin ultra-small mini-mold
NDL5421P2 NECOptical DI, ternary PD
UPC78N15H NECPositive output three-terminal regulator
RD27M-L NEC200mW Zener diode
UPD78CP14KB NEC8-bit single-chip microcomputer
2SD1005 NECSilicon transistor
NDL7563P1 NEC1550nm pulse drive laser
EQ1-22111S NECMotor, Heater and Lamp control for automobile
RD13ESAB2 NEC0.4W DHD zener diode, 13V
UPD70208HLP-10 NEC16-bit microprocessor incorporating peripheral I/O
RD7.5JS-T4 NECZener diode
UPD703040GM-XX-UEU NECLow power 32-bit RISC single-chip microcontroller "V850/SV1"
UPD16681AW-011 NECLCD controller/driver with built-in kanji ROM
UPD17233MC-XX-5A4 NECSmall general-purpose/remote-control 4-bit single-chip microcontroller
2SJ324 NECP-channel enhancement type
UPD70208HGK-10-9EU NEC16-bit microprocessor incorporating peripheral I/O
RD7.5S NEC200 mW planar-type 2-pin small-sized mini-mold referenc
UPA1721G-E1 NECN-channel enhancement type power MOS FET
UPD7810G-35 NEC8-bit, single chip NMOS microcomputer with A/D converter, 12MHz, 4K x 8 ROM, 256 x 8 RAM
MC-4516DA726LF-A10 NEC128M-byte(16M-word x 72-bit) SDRAM DIMM
RD91E-TB NEC500mW Zener diode
UPC78L12J NECPositive output three-terminal regulator

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