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Part NoApplication
MDA2062 1024-bit (128x8) EEPROM
DDP3310B Display and deflection processor
MSP3455G Global stereo version
VCT3832A Video/controller/teletext IC
HAL505UA-E Hall effect sensor (62 kHz)
SDA9400 Scan rate converter using embedded DRAM technology unit
MAS3504D G.729 annex A voice codec
HAL503SF-A Hall effect sensor (62 kHz)
DPL4519G Sound processor for digital and analog surround systems
DRP3510A Digital receiver front-end
HAL504SF-A Hall effect sensor (62 kHz)
VPX3225E Video pixel decoder
DPL4519G Sound processor for digital and analog surround systems
VPC3240D Comb filter video processor
HAL516UA-K Hall effect sensor (62 kHz)
HAL525SF-A Hall effect sensor IC (115 kHz)
SDA9415-B13 Display processor and scan rate converter using embedded DRAM technology units
MSP4428G Multistandard sound processor
MSP3400D Multistandard sound processor
HAL519SF-E Hall effect sensor (62 kHz)
HAL566UA-A Two-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
SDA6000 Teletext decoder with embedded 16-bit controller M2
MSP4448G Multistandard sound processor
BSP3505D Baseband sound processor
MSP3417G NICAM and FM stereo (A2) version
VPC3230D Comb filter video processor
HAL505SF-A Hall effect sensor (62 kHz)
SDA5650X VPS/PDC- plus decoder

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Micronas: Innovative Semiconductors Micronas is a leading supplier of cutting-edge IC and sensor system solutions for consumer and automotive electronics. Company activities focused on development, production, and marketing of integrated circuits and sensors for applications in consumer electronics and multimedia, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and telecommunications.

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