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924T-04/PT PIC18F4320-I/PT PIC16LF84-20I/SO PIC12CE519-04/P 27C128-20/P PIC16F876T-20E/L 24C02C-/P PIC16C72-04/SO 28C04AF-20/P PIC16C558A-04E/JW 25C080-I/SN PIC16LF877-10/PQ PIC17C43-16/L PIC17C42AT-08I/SP 28C17A-20I/VS TC1412COA PIC16C770/SO PIC16C662-04E/L PIC17CR42T-16I/P TC64

Microchip Datasheets Catalog-227

Part NoManufacturerApplication
28C16A-15I/TS Microchip16K (2Kx8) CMOS EEPROM
PIC16C924T-04/PT Microchip8-Bit CMOS microcontroller with LCD driver
PIC18F4320-I/PT MicrochipHigh-performance, enhanced flash microcontroller with 10-Bit A/D
PIC16LF84-20I/SO MicrochipEEPROM 8-Bit microcontroller
PIC12CE519-04/P Microchip8-Pin, 8-Bit CMOS microcontroller with EEPROM data memory
27C128-20/P Microchip128K (16x8)CMOS EPROM
PIC16F876T-20E/L Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
24C02C-/P Microchip2K 5.0V I2C EEPROM
PIC16C72-04/SO Microchip8-Bit CMOS microcontroller with A,D converter
28C04AF-20/P Microchip4K (512x8) CMOS EEPROM
PIC16C558A-04E/JW MicrochipERROM-based 8-Bit CMOS microcontroller
25C080-I/SN Microchip8K,16K 5.0V SPI bus EEPROM
PIC16LF877-10/PQ Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
PIC17C43-16/L MicrochipHigh-performance 8-Bit CMOS EPROM, ROM microcontroller
PIC17C42AT-08I/SP MicrochipHigh-performance 8-Bit CMOS EPROM, ROM microcontroller
28C17A-20I/VS Microchip16K (2Kx8) CMOS EEPROM
TC1412COA Microchip2A high-speed MOSFET drivers for switch mode power supplies, etc
PIC16C770/SO MicrochipBits number of 8 Memory type OTP Microprocessor/controller features 2 Kbytes OTP PROM Frequency clock 20 MHz Memory size 2 Kb 8-bit CMOS EPROM MCU with ADC, 2K OTP PROM, 256 bytes RAM - 20MH
PIC16C662-04E/L Microchip8-Bit EPROM microcontroller with analog comparators
PIC17CR42T-16I/P MicrochipHigh-performance 8-Bit CMOS EPROM, ROM microcontroller
TC642CPA MicrochipPWM fan speed controller with FanSense TM technology
TC54VC3201EMBTR MicrochipVoltage detector, CMOS output, 3.2V, +/-1%
PIC16CE625T-20/P MicrochipOTR 8-Bit CMOS MCU with EEPROM data memory
PIC16C745-I/SP MicrochipBits number of 8 Memory type OTP Frequency clock 20 MHz Memory size 8 Kb 8-bit CMOS EEPROM MCU, 8K OTP PROM, 256 BYTES RAM
28C64A-25I/P Microchip64K (8Kx8) CMOS EPROM
25LC040X-I/ST Microchip4K SPI bus EEPROM
TC4424MJA Microchip3A dual high-speed power MOSFET drivers
24C01A-E/P Microchip1K 5.0V I2C EEPROM
PIC16LF77-I/L Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontrollers, FLASH=8K, data=368, USART, PWM, ADC, 20MHz
24LC21A-/P Microchip1K 2.5V dual mode I2C EEPROM

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