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Part NoApplication
MX633DW Call progress tone detector
MX643DW Call progress tone detector with special information tones (SIT)
MX214P Variable split band inverter
MX919BP 4-level FSK modem data pump
MX929BP 4-level FSK modem data pump
CMX602BD4 Calling line identifier plus call waiting
MX629LH Delta modulation codec meets mil-std-113
MX029TN Dual digital controlled amplifier
CMX624P4 Bell 202 and V.2 modem with call progress and DTMF
MX826J AMPS/NAMPS system audio processor
MX465J low voltage CTCSS encoder/decoder
MX465LH low voltage CTCSS encoder/decoder
MX465P low voltage CTCSS encoder/decoder
CMX654P3 V.23 transmit modulator
MX604TN v.23 compatible modem
MX429AP 1200/2400bps MSK modem
MX623P Line-powered call progress tone detector
MX867D2 Low power V.22 modem
MX465DW low voltage CTCSS encoder/decoder
CMX813E4 Multi-standart analog paging decoder
MX860D6 Telephone signaling transceiver
CMX980AL7 Digital radio baseband processor
MX860D1 Telephone signaling transceiver
MX805ALH Sub-audio signaling processor
MX214J Variable split band inverter
MX019TN Quad digital control amplifier
MX619J Delta modulation codec meets EUROCOM D1-IA8
MX829P Baseband signal processor

MX COM Profile

MX-COM, Inc. (a subsidiary of CML Microsystems Plc) designs and manufactures integrated circuits, modules, and systems for the communication industries. Coordinating closely with Consumer Microcircuits Limited, MX-COM products can be confidently and reliably second sourced by virtue of their independent manufacturing capability. MX-COM products are distributed, sold, and supported worldwide with some exceptions to provide the best customer service possible. Products may be purchased factory direct or via distributors according to customer preference.

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