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Part NoApplication
IXSH24N60B 600V high speed IGBT
IXFR26N50 200V HiPerFET power MOSFET
IXTH11P50 500V standard power MOSFET
DSEC240-06A 600V HiPerFRED epitaxial diode with soft recovery
IXDF404SI-16 4Amp dual low-side ultrafast MOSFET driver
IXFR55N50F 500V HiPerRF power MOSFET
VWO80-12IO7 1200V three phase AC controller module
MLO140-14IO7 1400V AC controller module
IXTA1N80 800V high voltage MOSFET
MDD250-16N1 1600V high power diode module
IXBH9N160G 1600V high volatge BIMOSFET
VHF15-08IO5 800V half controlled single phase rectifier bridge
IXFK44N50F 500V HiPerRF power MOSFET
VBO105-14NO7 1400V single phase rectifier bridge
IXFT52N30Q 300V HiPerFET power MOSFET Q-class
DSSK50-01A 100V power schottky rectifier with common cathode
IXFN280N07 70V HiPerFET power MOSFET
MWI75-06A7 600V IGBT module
HVL900-14IO1 1400V AC controller with isolated water flow
MCC255-16IO1 1600V thyristor modules thyristor/diode module
IXFN100N20 200V HiPerFET power MOSFET
MCD95-16IO1B 1600V thyristor modules thyristor/diode module
VUO30-08NO3 800V three phase rectifier bridge
VUO125-18NO7 1800V three phase rectifier bridge
VBO130-14NO7 1400V single phase rectifier bridge
MCC72-12IO1B 1200V thyristor modules thyristor/diode module
VUO110-12NO7 1200V three phase rectifier bridge

IXYS Profile

Founded in 1983, IXYS Corporation develops technology-driven products to improve power conversion efficiency. A development pioneer of power semiconductors, integrated circuits and RF systems, IXYS' products monitor electrical voltage to produce maximum results with least energy expenditure. IXYS also offers power semiconductors for solar/wind energy conversion, and introduced the first solar cell for charging portable batteries. With headquarters in Silicon Valley, IXYS employs more than 1000 skilled personnel in nine divisions worldwide. IXYS has a customer base of over 2000 telecom, industrial, medical, transportation and consumer companies.

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