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1B HTG13J0 HT12E HT7510 HTG12N0 HT23C010 HT612 HT48C10 HT27C512 HT7136A HT817D0 HT6010 HT85072 HT9202B HT12A HT12F HT49C50 HT9200A HT7660 HT9302B HT1626 HT113SA HT9170B HT113JA HT7130 HT93LC56 HT812L0 HT1132A

Holtek Datasheets Catalog-6

Part NoManufacturerApplication
HT6032 Holtek3 in 12 decoder. 10-addresses, 2-data
HT8950A HoltekVoice Modulator
HT1621B HoltekRAM mapping 32x4 LCD controller for I/O uC
HTG13J0 Holtek4-bit microcontroller
HT12E Holtek4096 series of encoders, 2.4V-12V, standby current 0.1uA
HT7510 HoltekClinical thermometer
HTG12N0 Holtek4-bit microcontroller
HT23C010 HoltekCMOS 128Kx8-bit mask ROM
HT612 HoltekDecoders for burglar alarm system, car door controllers and etc.
HT48C10 Holtek8-bit microcontroller
HT27C512 HoltekOTP CMOS 64Kx8-bit EPROM
HT7136A Holtek3.6V high voltage regulator
HT817D0 Holtek16.8 second LOG-PCM speech
HT6010 Holtek3 in 12 encoder. 8-addresses, 4-addresses/data
HT85072 Holtek72 sec Green Voice (programmable speech synthesizer and tone generator)
HT9202B Holtek2-memory tone/pulse dialer
HT12A Holtek2 in power 12 encoder. 8-address, 4-data
HT12F Holtek2 in power 12 decoder. 12-address, 0-data
HT49C50 Holtek8-bit microcontroller
HT9200A HoltekDTMF generator with serial interface
HT7660 HoltekCMOS switched-capacitor voltage converter
HT9302B Holtek1-memory/2-memory tone/pulse dialer
HT1626 HoltekRAM mapping 48x16 LCD controller for I/O uC
HT113SA HoltekCasino Game 5-in-1 LCD game
HT9170B HoltekDTMF receiver
HT113JA HoltekBaseball LCD game
HT7130 Holtek3.0V high voltage regulator
HT93LC56 Holtek2K 3-wire CMOS serial EEPROM
HT812L0 Holtek2.8 second enhanced tone voice
HT1132A HoltekSPACE WAR LCD game

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