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74F169PC 1.5KE400CA FJV4109R CD4512BCCW NM24C08UVM8 MAN6941C MM74HC4066MX 74VHC244M NM24C02M NDS351AN FQI70N08 IRFI654B 74LCX16245MTDX FQA11N90 FJN4313R MM74HC4053SJ IRFM210B 74LCX08SJX NM25C020EM8X KSC5024 74LVQ373SJ FQNL2N50B FQAF10N80 SB520 MM74HC688MTC 1N4934GP 74VHC393MTC 74

Fairchild Datasheets Catalog-52

Part NoManufacturerApplication
74LCX2244WMX FairchildLow-Voltage Buffer/Line Driver with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs with 26 Ohm Series Resistors in the Outputs
ML6429 Fairchild75 Ohm Quad Video Cable Drivers and Filters with Switchable Inputs
74F169PC Fairchild4-State Synchronous Bidirectional Counter
1.5KE400CA Fairchild1500 Watt Transient Voltage Suppressors
FJV4109R FairchildPNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
CD4512BCCW Fairchild8-Channel Buffered Data Selector
NM24C08UVM8 Fairchild8K-bit Serial EEPROM 2-Wire Bus Interface
MM74HC4066MX FairchildQuad Analog Switch
74VHC244M FairchildOctal Buffer/Line Driver with 3-STATE Outputs
NM24C02M Fairchild2K-Bit Standard 2-Wire Bus Interface Serial EEPROM [Not recommended for new designs]
NDS351AN FairchildN-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor
FQI70N08 Fairchild80V N-Channel MOSFET
IRFI654B Fairchild250V N-Channel MOSFET
74LCX16245MTDX FairchildLow Voltage 16-Bit Bidirectional Transceiver with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs
FQA11N90 Fairchild900V N-Channel MOSFET
FJN4313R FairchildPNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
MM74HC4053SJ FairchildTriple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer
IRFM210B Fairchild200V N-Channel MOSFET
74LCX08SJX FairchildLow Voltage Quad 2-Input AND Gate with 5V Tolerant Inputs
NM25C020EM8X Fairchild2K-Bit Serial CMOS EEPROM (Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Synchronous Bus)
KSC5024 FairchildNPN Silicon Transistor
74LVQ373SJ FairchildLow Voltage Octal Transparent Latch with 3-STATE Outputs [Advanced]
FQNL2N50B Fairchild500V N-Channel MOSFET
FQAF10N80 Fairchild800V N-Channel MOSFET
SB520 Fairchild5.0 Ampere High Current Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
MM74HC688MTC Fairchild8-Bit Magnitude Comparator (Equality Detector)
1N4934GP Fairchild1.0 Ampere Glass Passivated Fast Recovery Rectifiers
74VHC393MTC FairchildDual 4-Bit Binary Counter
74LCX16646MEAX FairchildLow-Voltage 16-Bit Transceiver/Register with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs

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