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59CDTF 74VHCT08AN 74ACT646CW FQP12N60 FM93CS46TVMT8 HUFA76409D3 74ACT258SJX FM93CS46LVN MMBT3906 FST3125MTCX MPSH81 BZX84C24 74VHC112MX 74VCX08M ILC5062AM27 MMBFJ212 KA339A 74ABT652CSCX 74ACTQ646SPC MM74HC139M FDN336P FQD7N20 ES3C 74VHC4066M MAN443C 74ACTQ02SJ 74AC540CW 74AC157PC

Fairchild Datasheets Catalog-212

Part NoManufacturerApplication
FJV1845 FairchildNPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
LM1458C FairchildDual Operational Amplifier
KA9259CDTF Fairchild5-channel motor drive which drives focus actuator, tracking actuator, sled motor, spindle motor and loading motor of CD system.
74VHCT08AN FairchildQuad 2-Input AND Gate
74ACT646CW FairchildOctal Bus Transceiver/Register with 3-STATE Outputs
FQP12N60 Fairchild600V N-Channel MOSFET
FM93CS46TVMT8 Fairchild1024-bit serial EEPROM (MICROWIRE synchronous bus)
HUFA76409D3 Fairchild17A, 60V, 0.071 Ohm, N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFETs
74ACT258SJX FairchildQuad 2-Input Multiplexer with 3-STATE Outputs
FM93CS46LVN Fairchild1024-bit serial EEPROM (MICROWIRE synchronous bus)
MMBT3906 FairchildPNP General Purpose Amplifier
FST3125MTCX FairchildQuad Bus Switch
MPSH81 FairchildPNP RF Transistor
BZX84C24 FairchildZener Diodes
74VHC112MX FairchildDual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear
74VCX08M FairchildLow Voltage Quad 2-Input AND Gate with 3.6V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs
ILC5062AM27 FairchildSOT-23 Power Supply reset Monitor with 1% precision
MMBFJ212 FairchildN-Channel RF Amplifier
KA339A FairchildQuad comparator
74ABT652CSCX FairchildOctal Transceivers and Registers with 3-STATE Outputs [Advanced]
74ACTQ646SPC FairchildQuiet Series Octal Transceiver/Register with 3-STATE Outputs
MM74HC139M FairchildDual 2-to-4 Line Decoder
FDN336P FairchildSingle P-Channel Logic Level PowerTrench® MOSFET
FQD7N20 Fairchild200V N-Channel MOSFET
ES3C Fairchild3.0 Ampere Superfast Rectifiers
74VHC4066M FairchildQuad Analog Switch
74ACTQ02SJ FairchildQuad 2-Input NOR Gate
74AC540CW FairchildOctal Buffer/Line Driver with 3-STATE Outputs
74AC157PC FairchildQuad 2-Input Multiplexer

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