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Part NoApplication
ES4208FD DVD processor
ES1869F Single, mixed-signal chip; audio drive controller
ES4118F Super VCD processor, 5 V
ES3207 Video CD processor, 3.3 V
ES1988S PCI audio modem accelerator
ES4318 DVD processor
ES1921S AC-97 rev 2.1 audio codec
ES3207 Video CD/DVD companion chip, 5 V
ES4427 Web/DVD internet set-top box chipset
ES1990S PCI audio accelerator, 3 V
ES2828S V.90 PCI DSP modem
ES4208 DVD processor
ES3986 Digital- audio processor, 2.5 V
ES2842S PCI integrated LAN V.90/V.92 modem
ES2828S Modem analog front end
ES4228 MPEG processor
ES1946S PCI audio drive notebook solution
ES3880 Video CD MPEG processor, 3.3 V
ES1980S PCI audio modem accelerator
ES4428 Web/DVD internet set-top box chipset
ES3883 Video CD companion chip, 5 V
ES2898S V.90 PCI DSP modem
ES1992S PCI audio accelerator, 3.3 V
ES2840J PCI integrated LAN V.90/V.92 modem
ES2839S V.90 PCI DSP modem
ES2841S PCI integrated LAN V.90/V.92 modem

ESS Profile

ESS Technology, Inc. designs and markets high-performance digital video and audio semiconductors for the consumer digital entertainment, digital home and automotive markets. ESS products include highly integrated chips for digital video and digital media players and digital audio systems.

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