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150 DS1217A/64K-25 DS1100LZ-40 DS1013S-30/T&R DS1220AB-200-IND DS2433S-Z01/T&R DS1710E DS18S20 DS32KHZ-N/DIP DS1007S-6 DS1250ABP-100 DS2435 DS21FT42N DS1672S-3 DS1811R-5/T&R DS1821S DS1004Z-5/T&R DS877C550-FNL DS1100M-125 DS1100Z-300 DS1013S-10/T&R DS80C320-ECG DS2186SN DS1806E-1

Dallas Datasheets Catalog-44

Part NoManufacturerApplication
DS1013S-10 Dallas3-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS1220AB-150 Dallas16K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1217A/64K-25 DallasNonvolatile read/write cartridge, 8K x 8, 250ns
DS1100LZ-40 Dallas3.3V 5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 40ns
DS1013S-30/T&R Dallas3-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS1220AB-200-IND Dallas16K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS2433S-Z01/T&R Dallas4K-Bit 1-Wire EEPROM
DS1710E DallasPartitioned NV Controller
DS18S20 DallasHigh Precision 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
DS32KHZ-N/DIP Dallas32.768kHz temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
DS1007S-6 Dallas7-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS1250ABP-100 Dallas4096K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS2435 DallasBattery identification chip with time/temperature histogram
DS21FT42N DallasFour x Three 12 Channel T1 Framer
DS1672S-3 DallasLow Voltage Serial Time Keeping Chip
DS1811R-5/T&R Dallas5V EconoReset with Open Drain Output
DS1821S DallasProgrammable Digital Thermostat
DS1004Z-5/T&R Dallas5-Tap High-Speed Silicon Delay Line
DS877C550-FNL DallasEPROM High-Speed Micro with A/D and PWM
DS1100M-125 Dallas5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 125ns
DS1100Z-300 Dallas5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 300ns
DS1013S-10/T&R Dallas3-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS80C320-ECG DallasFast 80C31/80C32-compatible microcontroller, low-power, 25MHz, 256 bytes scratchpad RAM, Addresses 64 kB ROM and 64 kB RAM
DS2186SN DallasTransmit Line Interface
DS1806E-100/T&R DallasDigital Sextet Potentiometer
DS1033Z-30 Dallas3-in-1 Low Voltage Silicon Delay Line
DS1806S-100 DallasDigital Sextet Potentiometer
DS2105S DallasSCSI Terminator
DS1135M-10 Dallas3-in-1 High-Speed Silicon Delay Line
DS56U DallasDual Temperature Comparator

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