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Part NoApplication
DBL1018 FM IF system
DMC42P1106 4bit single chip microcontroller
DBL5023 FM receiver and compandor system
DBL3842 Current mode PWM controller
DBL2056 RGB video processor for monitor
DBL5022-V Universal speech network
DMC73CE167 8-bit single chip microcontroller (OTP version)
DMD5602-V 10ch selector for cordless phone
DMD5601 15ch selector for cordless phone
DMD5603 10ch selector for cordless phone
DBL1216 5 dots LED level meter
DMC42C1008 4bit single chip microcontroller
DBL5019 Low power narrow band FM IF
DBL339 Quad voltage comparator
DMC42C3008 4bit single chip microcontroller
DBL2044 Tuner band selector for TV sets
DMD5802 Universal programmable dual PLL
DBL1316 5 dots LED level meter
DBL5019-V Low power narrow band FM IF
DMC6003 Single chip 4-bit MICOM for remote transmitter
DMD5802 Universal programmable dual PLL
DMC60C32 CMOS single component 8-bit microcomputer
DMC73C167 8-bit single chip microcontroller
DBL494 Pulse width modulation
DMC6830 Remote controller transmitter
DBL1011 FM/AM IF system
DBL5020 Low voltage compander
DBL324 Low power quad operational amplifier

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Daewoo Semiconductor, the Semiconductor Business Division of Daewoo Electronics Co. Ltd. offer simple Bipolar Linear ICs and CMOS technology-based Microcontrollers for the consumer electronic applications, including TV, Monitor, Video, General & Car Audio, Telecommunication, Automotive, etc to the most highly advanced ASIC(Application Specific ICs) & ASSP (Application Specific Standard ICs) for the industrial, military, robotics, medical equipment and many more ultra-precision system applications requiring custom designed integrated Circuitry.

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