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Part NoApplication
CX06832-15 V34/group 3 high performance fax modem family
CX06832-11 V34/group 3 high performance fax modem family
RS8234 Service SAR controller
BT860KRF Multiport YCrCb to NTSC/PAL/SECAM digital video encoder
11242-21 Smart HSF mobile modem
BT852 Digital video encoder
R6764-24 V90/K56 flex PC card device set
RS7112-LAN Home networking physical layer device
CX20463 Smart HSF mobile modem
CX02066TQ32 Microcosm
RS56 Soft K56-PCI
CN9001 Central office ADSL modem
AR 20441 ADSL modem device set for PCI application
RF25A RF25A for CDMA and AMPS application
RL56CSMV/6 Any port multi-service access processor
20437 Smart HCF-USB modem
CX28395-18 Quad/x16/octal-T1/E1/J1 framer
CX74005 Demodulator RFIC
RS8953BEPJ HDSL channel unit
CX28331-1X Single/dual/triple E3/DS3/STS-1 line intrface unit
VC20437 SmartACFL Modem
BT865AKPF YCrCb to NTSC/PAL digital video encoder
RS8235 Endstation service SAR controller
11242-11 Smart HSF mobile modem
CX20462 Crosspoint switch
CN8223 ATM transmitter/receiver with UTOPIA interface
FC200 Modem family
CX06832-16 V34/group 3 high performance fax modem family

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Broadband Access - Client Side * ADSL Solutions * VDSL Solutions * SHDSL Solutions Broadband Access - Central Office * ADSL Solutions * VDSL Solutions * SHDSL Solutions Set-top Box Solutions * Satellite * Cable * Terrestrial * Telco/IPTV Video * MPEG Encoders/Codecs * Video Decoders * Tuners * Demodulators * Video Surveillance / Security Applications Network Processing * Embedded Communications Software Audio * Speakers-on-a-Chip * PC HD-Audio * PC HD-Audio Modem Combo Dial-Up Access Modems * PC Dial-Up Modems * Embedded Dial-Up Modems Document Imaging Solutions * Fax Modems * Fax and MFP System Solutions Voice over IP * VoIP ADSL2Plus Solutions * VoIP Voice Coprocessors Passive Optical Networks * GPON * GE-PON * BPON IP Licensing * Amphion IP Cores

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