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Part NoApplication
FX829D5 Baseband signal processor
FX214LG Audio chambler
FX631D5 Low-voltage SRM detector
FX818D2 CTCSS signaling processor
FX709J Voice store retrieve CVSD codec
FX909LS GMSK Packet data modem
FX336J Filter array
FX709LH Voice store retrieve CVSD codec
FX613DW Universal call progress decoder
FX419LG FX419 product information
FX365CJ Low-voltage CTCSS encoder/decoder
FX619J Eurocom delta codec
FX406LG Universal analogue signal processor
FX316LG NMT audio filter array
FX009JG Digitally controlled amplifier array
FX306LG Audio filter array
FX619M1 Eurocom delta codec
FX365AJ CTCSS encoder/decoder
FX818D5 CTCSS signaling processor
FX836DW Radiocom 2000 system audio processor
FX009ALS Low-noise digitally controlled amplifier array
FX469J 1200/2400/4800 baud FFSK modem
FX631DW Low-voltage SRM detector
CMX624P4 V.23/Bell 202 modem
FX604P3 V23 compatible modem
FX429LG Band III FFSK modem for trunked radio system
FX326LG Audio bandpass filter
FX224J Audio chambler

CML Profile

Consumer Microcircuits Limited designs and manufactures highly innovative mixed signal integrated circuits. This expertise allows CML to produce circuits with high performance, low power-consumption and small size. CML products are available throughout the world either direct or via an extensive distributor network.

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