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Part NoApplication
73K222AL-IGT Single-chip modem
75T204-IP DTMF receiver
73K322L-IP Single-chip modem
73K302L-IH Single-chip modem
5503-CGT Direct conversion receiver
75T204-IL DTMF receiver
73K321L-IP Single-chip modem
78A207-CP MFR1 receiver
75T2089-IP DTMF receiver
78P2243 Transceiver
73K224L-IP Single-chip modem
73K321L-IH Single-chip modem
73K324L-28IH Single-chip modem
73K222AL-IH Single-chip modem
73M223-CL 1200 baud FSK modem
78P7200L-LH Transceiver
73K224L-IGT Single-chip modem
78P2253-IGT Transceiver
73K222AU-IP Single-chip modem with UART
73K302L-IP Single-chip modem
75T2091-IH DTMF receiver
73M2921-LG Advanced single chip modem
78P7200 Transceiver
73K324L-IGT Single-chip modem
5504-CGT Direct conversion receiver
73K224BL-IH Single-chip modem with integrated hybrid
5002C-CGT Dual SCART A/V switch
78Q2120-CGT Ethernet transceiver

TDK Profile

TDK Semiconductor Corporation is focused on the communications IC market. Specific data transmission market segments served include high-speed networking, remote data transaction terminals and satellite TV set-top boxes. Until mid 1996, TDK Semiconductor was the Communication Products Division of Silicon Systems, Inc., founded in 1972 and acquired as a TDK Group Company in 1989. Following the acquisition of Silicon Systems storage products in 1996, the communication products were established as TDK Semiconductor. Today, TDK operate with the speed and flexibility of a small company combined with the financial backing of TDK Corporation, a $6.3 billion global operation.

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