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Part NoApplication
SK100EL11WD 12 differential fanout buffer
1N6122 500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
SC1633CSTR 3.3V low voltage step-up DC-DC converter
SMDA05-6TE Unidirectional TVS array
SC1454-18IMSTR Dual 150mA ultra low dropout regulator
EZ5Z3L-T3 250mA 5V to 3V or adjustable output EZ dropper
EZ1585CM-2.5TR 2.5V 4.6AMP low dropout positive voltage regulator
LM2576STR 1A & 3A miniconverter switching regulator
SL15TC Low capacitance TVS diode
UR5HCFJ8-FN Low-power keyboard encoder
SC1630CSTR Low voltage multi-mode DC-DC converter
STF202-22TC USB upstream port filter & TVS
SC1652CSTR Micropower inverting DC-DC converter
SK10EL01WD 4-input OR/NOR
1N6168 1500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
SC431CSK-0.5TR Adjustable shunt regulator
SC4040BZTA Precision shunt voltage reference
SK100EL12WDT Low impedance driver
SC1150CS.TR Programmable DC/DC controller
1N6102 500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
SMS15CTC TVS diode array
SC1437ISK-L47TR Precision voltage detector
SK100E016PJ 8-bit synchronous binary up counter
SC1205CS.TR High speed synchronous power mosfet driver
SY51 10 watt voltage regulator
1N6136A QPL 500 watt axial leaded TVS
1N6475 QPL 1500 watt axial leaded TVS
SC1460CSK-3.3TR 3.3V 5 mA capless charge pump

Semtech Profile

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal ICs for power management, over-voltage and transient protection, high-performance applications, and advanced communications. Started in 1960 as a military electronics supplier, Semtech made its first public offering in 1967. Semtech sells and markets its products worldwide through a direct sales force and a network of independent sales representatives and authorized distributors.

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