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Part NoApplication
Z2047U 500W transient voltage suppressor, 47V
513CT-4 CT thermistor, 51KOhm
Z1033 250W transient voltage suppressor, 33V
M12007 Power thermistor
Z7D271 Metal oxide varistor, 270V
M2P-470L Gastube arrester, 470V
8KD-5 D thermistor, 8KOhm
Z2039 500W transient voltage suppressor, 39V
Z15D361 Metal oxide varistor, 360V
10KD-5 D thermistor, 10KOhm
203IT IT thermistor, 20KOhm
F-301 Current regulative diode
Z15D330 Metal oxide varistor, 33V
CM2P-90L Gastube arrester, 90V
F-152 Current regulative diode
9BT-5 BT thermistor, 9KOhm
Z7D511 Metal oxide varistor, 510V
234ET-2 ET thermistor, 232KOhm
Z25M681S Metal oxide varistor, 680V
1.3MBT-5 BT thermistor, 1300KOhm
Z15D561 Metal oxide varistor, 560V
Z7D330 Metal oxide varistor, 33V
CM3P-230L Gastube arrester, 230V
Z10D561 Metal oxide varistor, 560V
E-701 Current regulative diode
Z33M561S Metal oxide varistor, 560V
Z5D241 Metal oxide varistor, 240V
E-202 Current regulative diode

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