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Part NoApplication
SIE503.3LT Input voltage range4.5-5.5V, output voltage 3.3V,(6A) non-isolated step-down DC/DC converter
MAP130-4001 Input voltage range115-230V, multiple output voltage, power supplier
24IMO6-12-2 6 Watt, input voltage range10-36V output voltage 12V (500mA) DC/DC converter
CS1501-7R 100W,input voltage range28-140V, output voltage 15V (6.5A) AC/DC converter
LHR5020-2 11 Watt, input voltage range85-264V/88-168V output voltage +/-12V (+/-0.5A) AC/DC converter
FK1301-7R 150 Watt, input voltage range20-100V output voltage 12V (12A) DC/DC converter
CRD1215 0.5 Watt, input voltage range10.90-13.2V, output voltage +/-12V (0.033A) DC-DC converter
OWS1205 25 Watt, input voltage range10-20V, output voltage 5V (5A) DC/DC converter
IWD505 10 Watt, input voltage range4.65-5.5V output voltage +/-5V (+/-1A) DC/DC converter
24H3040-2 50 Watt, input voltage range14-30V, output voltage 5.1/15V (5/0.6A) DC/DC converter
24IMS7-24-24-9 7 Watt, input voltage range14-36V output voltage 24V (150A) DC/DC converter
PLD08VEC Input voltage 4.5-5.5V, output voltage 3.3/2V (8A), non-isolated DC/DC converter
PLD08UDB Input voltage 3-3.6V, output voltage 2.5/1.8V (8A), non-isolated DC/DC converter
DSP1N5S12 1 Watt, input voltage range4.5-5.5V, output voltage 12V (80A) single output
40IMX7-03-9 7 Watt, input voltage range16.8-75V output voltage 3.3V (1.5A) DC/DC converter
TLD20ZGE Input voltage range36-72V, output voltage 5/3.3V,(20A) DC/DC converter
24IMR15-1515-2 Input voltage range18-36V output voltage +/-15V (+/-500mA) DC/DC converter
DFC25E48S5 30 Watt, input voltage range36-72V, output voltage 5V (6000mA) DC/DC converter
MAP80-1005 Input voltage range110-220V, output voltage 5V (16A), power supplier
48Q2001-2R Input voltage range38-75V, output voltage 5.1V (7.5A), DC-DC converter
40IMX4-03-9 4 Watt, input voltage range16.8-75V output voltage 3.3V (900mA) DC/DC converter
40IMX4-2424-9 4 Watt, input voltage range16.8-75V output voltage +/-24V (+/-80mA) DC/DC converter
MWS020YJY 20 Watt, input voltage range18-36V, output voltage 15V (1.33A) DC/DC converter
NVS0.7CG-M6 Input voltage range9-36V, output voltage 5V (0.7A) DC/DC converter
20IMX15-12-12-9 15 Watt, input voltage range8.4-36V output voltage 12V (650mA) DC/DC converter
PSA153-2 45 Watt, input voltage range19-40V, output voltage 15V (3A), switching regulator
5IMP1-12-7 Input voltage range4.5-5.5V output voltage 12V (84mA) DC/DC converter
PSA361-7IR 43.2 Watt, input voltage range44-144V, output voltage 36V (1.2A), switching regulator

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Products that refine electricity into the many voltage and reliability levels needed to power high availability infrastructure systems. Power-One produces DC-DC

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