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Part NoApplication
TS-200 LED traffic signal lamp
TP2136 LED VMS module
TS-300 LED traffic signal lamp
OFGP031480160F 262K color OLED display
TA-100 LED arrow signal lamp
OFGP020384160F 262K color OLED display
TP339UG Thermopile sensor
PS035 35-bit LED display driver
PS071 Fiber OPIC transmitter
TP339U Thermopile sensor
TP336A Thermopile sensor
TC-204 Smart LED full color lamp
OFGP011288064G 65K color OLED display
OFGP011288064F 256 color OLED display

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Always putting the customer first. For 25 years, Opto Tech Corporation (OPTOTECH) has developed a business centered on LED chip products to provide varied and versatile business solutions. Vertical integration of supply chains, customized services, and strategic alliances have been the key to OPTOTECH

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