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Part NoApplication
OM60L120HB 1200V high current, high voltage IGBT with FRED diodes
OM7602ST 15V three terminal, adjustable voltage, 1.5Amp precision positive regulator
OM6503SC 500V N-channel IGBT
COM7815T Three terminal, fixed voltage, 1.5Amp precision positive regulator
OM9572SP 3.3V switching regulator
OM4215SM 10Amp rating schottky center-tap rectifier
1N6771 16Amp rectifier
OM1812NKM Three terminal, fixed voltage, 1.5Amp precision positive regulator
OM5201DT 16Amp high efficiency, center-tap rectifier
JANTX1N6762 12A center-tap ultra-fast rectifier
OM6039SM 200V N-channel MOSFET
OM5211SC 15Amp high efficiency rectifier
JAN1N6769R 16Amp rectifier
OM5210SC 15Amp high efficiency rectifier
OM4203SA 25Amp schottky rectifier
OM7644SM 1.5A negative voltage regulator
OM6108SC 500V N-channel MOSFET
OM2940-05SM Three terminal, fixed voltage, 1Amp low dropout voltage regulator
OM1323SMM 1.5A three terminal, precision adjustable negative voltage regulator
COM450A 500V, 10Amp N-channel MOSFET
OM5321DT 16Amp, high efficiency center-tap rectifier
1N6779 15Amp ultra-fast rectifier
OM5322A 28Amp, high efficiency center-tap rectifier
OM6023SC 400V N-channel MOSFET
1N6769 16Amp rectifier
OM7505SC 12V fixed voltage regulator
OM5205RC 30Amp high efficiency, center-tap rectifier
OMR7915ST 300K rad tolerant three terminal negative fixed voltage regulator

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Omnirel Corp Manufacturer of power semiconductor products for power supply, motion control, and other critical power management applications.

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