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Part NoApplication
NJU7014R Low-power dual C-MOS operational amplifier
NJU6677CL 88-common x 132-segment bit map LCD driver
NJM78LR05DM 3-terminal positive voltage regulator
NJM2129D Remote-control interface IC
NJM5532D High performance low-noise dual operational amplifier
NJM2266D 3-input video super imposer
NJM2096S Low voltage dual power amplifier
NJM2059M Dual operational amplifier
NJM12904E Single suppry quad amplifier
NJG1552F 1.5/1.9GHz mixer GaAs MMIC
NJM084M Quad J-FET input operational amplifier
NJM2286D 2-input 3 channel video switch
NJU9210F 3 x 1/2 digit single chip digital multimeter LSI
NJU3719L 24-bit serial to parallel converter
NJM2521L 3-input 1-output audio switch
NJM2520D 2-input 1-output audio switch
NJM2076M Dual low voltage power amplifier
NJM074D Quad J-FET input operational amplifier
NJM082BL Dual J-FET input operational amplifier
NJW1106FC2 Dolby PRO logic surround decoder
NJM2279M 3-input 2-output video switch for AV-SET
NJM2078M Voltage detector
NJU6464CH 16-character 3-line dot matrix LCD controller driver
NJM2129M Remote-control interface IC
NJM2403D Single-supply dual comparator
NJM2611M Servo motor controller
NJU9204BD 3 x 1/2 digit single chip A/D converter
NJM2234M 3-input video switch

JRC Profile

New Japan Radio Company ("New JRC" ) was established in 1959 as a joint venture between Japan Radio Company ("JRC", Tokyo, Japan) and the Raytheon Company. New JRC is achieving: Shipment of over 170 million semiconductor devices per month (the largest production quantities in Japan) Supplier of high quality IC's (Failure rate of less than 1ppm typical) No.1 LCD Driver supplier to the cellular phone market (50% world wide market share).

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