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Part NoApplication
IMP1233MZ-5/T 4.375V power reset
EI8LC12C Bidirectional, monolithic TVS diode
IMP708TCPA Threshold3.08V; supervisor circuit
IMP1232LPEMA 5V power supply monitor and reset circuit
IMP811REUS-T 2.63V, 4-pin voltage supervisor with manual reset
EI8LC08C Bidirectional, monolithic TVS diode
IMP812REUS-T Threshold2.63V; 4-pin voltage supervisor with manual reset
IMP811MEUS-T 4.38V, 4-pin voltage supervisor with manual reset
EI16C554 Quad universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART)
EI8LC08C Bidirectional, monolithic TVS diode
IMP706CSA Low-power supervisor circuit
IMP528ESA Input voltage 2.0-6.5V; High-voltage EL lamp driver
IMP692AESA Power supply supervisor with battery backup switch
IMP708SCUA Threshold2.93V; supervisor circuit
IMP706CPA Low-power supervisor circuit
IMP708RCSA Threshold2.63V; supervisor circuit
IMP2527-1BN Quad USB high-side power switch with fault detection
IMP810REUR-T 2.63V, 3-pin microcontroller power supply supervisor
IMP706TCPA Threshold3.08V; supervisor circuit
IMP805LEPA Supervisor with battery backup switch
IMP812SEUS-T Threshold2.93V; 4-pin voltage supervisor with manual reset
EI82C684 Quad UART
IMP813LESA Low-power supervisor circuit
IMP813LCPA Low-power supervisor circuit
EI68C681 Dual UART
IMP708JESA Threshold4.00V; supervisor circuit
IMP705EPA Low-power supervisor circuit
EI16C450 Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART)

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