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Part NoApplication
HMC323 HBT driver amplifier DC 3.0 GHz
HMC261LM1 Medium power distributed amplifier 20 - 32 GHz
HMC315 HBT darlington amplifier DC 7.0 GHz
HMC259 Sub- harmonically pumper mixer 28 - 40 GHz
HMC137 Bi- phase modulator 6- 11 GHz
HMC346MS8G MMIC SMT voltage- variable attenuator DC 8 GHz
HMC132P7 High- isolation SPDT switch DC 6 GHz
HMC158 Frequency doubler 1.3- 4.0 GHz input
HMC205 Frequency doubler 6- 12 GHz
HMC156 Frequency doubler 0.7- 2.3 GHz input
HMC224MS8 T/R switch 5.0- 6.0 GHz
HMC261 Medium power distributed amplifier 20 - 40 GHz
HMC264LM3 Sub- harmonically SMT mixer 20 - 30 GHz
HMC279MS8G MMIC driver amplifier 2.5- 4.2 GHz
HMC337 MMIC sub- harmonically pumped mixer 17 - 25 GHz
HMC132G7 High- isolation SPDT switch DC 6 GHz
HMC338 MMIC sub- harmonically pumped mixer 26 - 33 GHz
HMC157 Frequency doubler 1- 2 GHz input
HMC132 High- isolation SPDT switch DC 15 GHz
HMC168C8 Double- balanced mixer DC 4.5- 8 GHz
HMC404 MMIC sub- harmonically pumped IRM mixer 26 - 33 GHz
HMC220MS8 Double- balanced mixer 5- 12 GHz
HMC364 MMIC divine-by-2, DC - 13.0 GHz
HMC210MS8 Voltage variable attenuator 1.5- 2.3 GHz
HMC331 MMIC frequency doubler 12 - 18 GHz
HMC165S14 SP4T switch DC 2.0 GHz
HMC129 Double-balanced mixer 4 - 8 GHz
HMC172QS24 SP6T switch DC 2.5 GHz

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Hittite Microwave Corp.Designs and manufacturers high volume IC products for high-speed voice and data transfer systems focussing on RF to millimeter wave components.

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