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Part NoApplication
GS9005ACTJ GENLINX Serial digital receiver
GS1504-CKD HD-LINX HDTV adaptive equalizer
GC509 Class A amplifier with 3 independent gain blocks , 5V DC
LP502 Low distortion AGC compression amplifier
GS3021 DynamEQ I Dynamic equaliser - class D, 6.35mm x 2.92mm x 2.92mm
GX4314-CDB Wideband,monolithic 4x1 video multiplexer
GR581 Adaptive highpass filter with independent gain block
LC502 Low distortion AGC compression amplifier, 3V DC
LC550 Medium power class B amplifier, 3V supply voltage
LS509 Class A amplifier with 3 gain blocks & schottky diodes, 5V DC
GC562 Telecoil preamplifier
GT560 Digitally controlled transconductance block, 5V DC
GS9032-CVM GENLINX II, digital video serializer
GS563 Single stage inverting amlifier
GS9028-CTA GENLINX II Cable driver with two adjustable outputs
LC502 Low distortion AGC compression amplifier, 3V DC
GX4404-CKD Wideband,monolithic 4x1 video multiplexer
GR581 Adaptive highpass filter with independent gain block
GS4981-CDA Monolithic video sync separator
GS551 High power, class B output stage, 5V DC
GX434--CDB Monolithic 4x1 video multiplexer
GS9025ACQM GENLINX II serial digital receiver
GB4570-CTA Monolithic video buffer/clamp
GS4981-CTA Monolithic video sync separator
GL504 Low current preamplifier with output limiting
GB4550-CSA Monolithic video buffer/clamp
LE507 Class A output stage with input biasing, 5V DC
GS9020-CTV GENLINX II serial digital video input processor

Gennum Profile

Gennum Corporation is a Canadian high technology company which designs, manufactures and markets electronic components, primarily silicon integrated circuits (IC's) and thick-film hybrid circuits, for specialized applications. Gennum products include low voltage audio electronic amplifiers and analog signal processing circuitry supplied to the world hearing instrument industry; video signal distribution and processing components sold to the professional video and broadcast television markets; and user specific integrated circuits for a wide variety of specific applications where information is being conditioned, transmitted or interpreted.

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