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Part NoApplication
EXB844 IGBT-driving hydrid IC
ENE361D-10A Z-TRAP ENE series
2SK2215-01L N-channel MOSFET
2SK1276A N-channel MOSFET
1MBI600PX-120 IGBT module
1MBC03-120 Fuji discrete package IGBT
7MBR100SB060 IGBT module (S series)
YG811S06R Schottky barrier diode
2SK2651-01MR N-channel MOSFET
7MBR35SB120-01 IGBT module
2SK1881-L N-channel MOSFET
2MBI300N-120-01 IGBT module
7MBR50SA060-01 IGGBT module
FA7701V PWM DC to DC converter for buck converter (maximum output duty cycle is 100%)
2SK2849-01L Power MOSFET
1MBI300NA-120 IGBT module (N series)
6MBP15RH060 IGBT-IPM (R series)
2SK1083-MR N-channel MOSFET
ENE221D-05A Z-TRAP ENE series
6MBI10S-120L IGBT module
2SK2223-01R N-channel MOSFET
2SK2892-01R N-channel MOSFET
2MBI150L-120 IGBT module (L-series)
2MBI150NC-120 IGBT module (N series)
2SK3338-01 N-channel silicon power MOSFET
1MBI600PX-120-01 IGBT module
2SK2101-01MR N-channel MOSFET
1MB08-120 Fuji discrete package IGBT

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Fuji Electric's manufacturing technologies are showcased in colorful, charming animated commercials featuring various situations in daily life. The illegal dumping of industrial waste is a major social issue. Businesses that produce waste are responsible for its disposal and management. Fuji Electric has launched an information service that monitors the status of waste transportation. The information is provided over a network utilizing satellite transmissions and GPS.

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