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Part NoApplication
SM4004 1.0 mA surface mount silicon rectifier
RL103FG 1.0A fast recovery glass passivated rectifier
SR3100 3.0 mA schottky barrier rectifier
P6KE13A 12.4- 13.7V transient voltage suppressor
P6KE82A 77.9- 86.1V transient voltage suppressor
RS602 6.0 mA single-phase silicon bridge rectifier
RB157 1.5 mA single-phase silicon bridge rectifier
RL101F 1.0 mA fast recovery rectifier
5KP7.5A 8.33-9.21V transient voltage suppressor
SF12 1.0 mA super fast rectifier
BZX55C2V4 1V glass silicon zener diode
MAJ60 2.9 mA surface mount transient voltage suppressor
SM250 2.0 mA surface mount schottky barrier rectifier
BZX55C8V2 6.2V glass silicon zener diode
SMBJ36A 10.8 mA surface mount transient voltage suppressor
BZX55C5V1 1V glass silicon zener diode
DL4730A 64 mA glass silicon zener diode
DB104 1.0A single-phase silicon bridge rectifier
RL101G 1.0A glass passivated rectifier
P6KE8.2 7.38- 9.02V transient voltage suppressor
1.5KE18A 17.1- 18.9V transient voltage suppressor
S1G 1.0A surface mount silicon rectifier
FR3D 3.0A surface mount super fast recovery rectifier
SMCJ14A 67.0 mA surface mount transient voltage suppressor
DL5230B 4.7 V glass silicon zener diode
SMCJ26 33.0 mA surface mount transient voltage suppressor
B6S 0.5A single-phase mini surafce mount bridge rectifier
IN4003A 1.0 mA silicon rectifier

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Diode & Bridge Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Super Fast Rectifiers Ultra Fast Rectifiers High Efficiency Rectifiers Fast Recovery Rectifiers General Purpose Rectifiers Zener Diodes High Voltage Rectifiers High Voltage Protector Diode High Speed Switching Diodes Transient Voltage Suppressors DIACS Bridge Rectifiers