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17LPTR TD-21 TS112TR PM1204STR LIA101PTR XCB170S LBA110P TG-183 PMT(301)550 LAA100PLTR PLA140L LAA120P UGT4.0 LCA100S PLA134 TD-8059 LOC110PTR M-993 PMT(301)350 XAA170P LBA126PTR TS122P LBB126P LAA127LSTR CM10-2339 M-982-02P TG-90 TA-7.0

Clare Datasheets Catalog-4

Part NoManufacturerApplication
M-8880 ClareDTMF transceiver
LCA211STR ClareCommon input optoMOS relay
TS117LPTR ClareMultifunction telecom switch
TD-21 Clare4 KV microwave noise tube and noise source
TS112TR ClareMultifunction telecom switch
PM1204STR ClareAC power switch
LIA101PTR ClareLinear isolation amplifier
XCB170S ClareSingle pole optoMOS relay
LBA110P ClareDual pole optoMOS relay
TG-183 Clare35 KV two electrode high-energy spark gap
PMT(301)550 Clare550V High-speed, high-current surge protector
LAA100PLTR ClareDual pole optoMOS relay, 350V
PLA140L ClareSingle pole optoMOS relay
LAA120P ClareDual pole optoMOS relay, 350V
UGT4.0 Clare4.0 KV High-speed transient surge protector
LCA100S ClareSingle pole optoMOS relay
PLA134 ClareSingle pole optoMOS relay
TD-8059 Clare3.3 KV microwave noise tube and noise source
LOC110PTR ClareLinear optocoupler
M-993 ClareRegion 1 MF tone detector
PMT(301)350 Clare350V High-speed, high-current surge protector
XAA170P ClareDual pole optoMOS relay
LBA126PTR ClareDual pole optoMOS relay
TS122P ClareSingle pole optoMOS relay
LBB126P ClareDual pole optoMOS relay
LAA127LSTR ClareDual pole optoMOS relay, 250V
CM10-2339 ClareMolded mini-DYAD
M-982-02P ClarePrecise call progress tone detector
TG-90 Clare20 KV two electrode high-energy spark gap
TA-7.0 Clare7.0 KV High-energy triggered spark gap

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