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Part NoApplication
CRD4923 Multi-channel digital audio decoder
CS8427-CZ 96kHz digital audio interface transceiver
CS61535A-IL1 E1 line interface unit
CS4338-BS 16-bit, right justified, 96kHz stereo D/A converter
CS5351-KS 108dB, 192kHz, multi-bit audio A/D converter
CS5509-AS 16-bit A/D conveter
CS62180A-IL T1 framer
EP9312 Internet audio jukebox processor with maverickCrunch audio compression and maverickLock security
CS5333-KZ 24-bit, 96kHz stereo A/D converter
CS61881-IQ Octal E1 analog front end
CS493253-IL Multi-standard audio decoder
CS22210 Wireless PCI/USB controller
CS5361-BZ 114dB, 192kHz, multi-bit audio A/D converter
CS5529-AS 16-bit programmable ADC with 6-bit latch
CS5451-BS Six-channel delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter
CS4216 16-bit multimedia audio codec
CS8415A-IZ 96kHz digital audio interface receiver
CS53L32A Evaluation board
CS8904-CM3 Crystal LAN quad ethernet transceiver 3.3V
CS5507-AP Very low-power, 16/20-bit A/D conveter
CS5510-AS 16/20-bit, 8-pin ADC
CS5505-AP Very low-power, 16/20-bit A/D conveter
CDB4923 Evaluation board
CS4224-BS 24-bit 105dB audio codec with volume control
CS8416-CS 192kHz digital audio interface receiver
CS4383-KQ 114dB, 192 kHz 8 channel D/A converter
CS5524-AP 16/24-bit, 2/4/8-channel ADCs with PGIA
CS5333 Evaluation board

Cirrus Logic Profile

Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog and DSP chip solutions for Internet entertainment electronics. Building on its global market share leadership in audio integrated circuits and its rich mixed-signal patent portfolio, the company targets high-volume audio, storage and communications applications. Cirrus Logic sells its products under the Crystal, Maverick and 3Ci brands as well as its own name.

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