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Part NoApplication
AL4CS211A-7.5-PF synchronous FIFO
AL4CS231A-7.5-PF synchronous FIFO
AL875 Triple high speed, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
AL422B 3M-bits FIFO field memory
AL4CS251A-7.5-J Synchronous FIFO
AL300 LCD monitor controller
AL422V5 3M-bits FIFO field memory
AL4CS241A-10-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS211A-10-PF synchronous FIFO
AL250 Video scan doubler
AL4CS211A-7.5-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS241A-7.5-PF synchronous FIFO
AL4CS221A-7.5-J Synchronous FIFO
AL440B-12 4M-bits FIFO field memory
AL4CS241A-7.5-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS231A-7.5-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS221A-7.5-PF synchronous FIFO
AL128 Plug and play VGA to NTSC/PAL converter
AL440B-24 4M-bits FIFO field memory
AL4CS251A-10-PF synchronous FIFO
AL4CS251A-10-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS231A-10-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS221A-10-PF synchronous FIFO
AL4CS251A-7.5-PF synchronous FIFO
AL251 Video scan doubler
AL4CS221A-10-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS211A-10-J Synchronous FIFO
AL4CS241A-10-PF synchronous FIFO

AverLogic Profile

Founded in 1996, AverLogic Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Specialized in high-performance application specific memory and video processing circuits, the Company has design centers in San Jose, California USA, Hsinchu, Taiwan and ShenZhen City, PRC. Together with its foundry partners, AverLogic utilizes advanced CMOS technology and its own mixed signal design expertise to bring to market a full range of feature rich solutions.

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