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Part NoApplication
45LR100 Standard recovery diode
ST180S04P2L Phase control thyristor
SD150N12PBC Standard recovery diode
SD203N12S15MBC Fast recovery diode
SD600R32MTC Standard recovery diode
SD153R14S10MV Fast recovery diode
307U80P5 Standard recovery diode
IRFP048N HEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 55V, RDS(on) = 0.016 Ohm, ID = 64A
301UA120P5 Standard recovery diode
45L40 Standard recovery diode
309UA250P4 Standard recovery diode
ST330S16M3L Phase control thyristor
SD103N12S15MSC Fast recovery diode
IRF640NSTR N-channel power MOSFET for fast switching applications, 200V, 18A
SD153R14S15MV Fast recovery diode
SD303C25S10C Fast recovery diode
SD103N25S20MSC Fast recovery diode
ST110S12P1VL Phase control thyristor
SD453R20S20MTC Fast recovery diode
300U100A Standard recovery diode
SD80OC24L Standard recovery diode
300UF120APD Standard recovery diode
ST280CH06C0 Phase control thyristor
305U250P4 Standard recovery diode
SD153R14S15PSV Fast recovery diode
IRFNG40 HEXFET power mosfet
110RKI40S90 Phase control thyristor

IR Profile

International Rectifier Corporation is a major woldwide supplier of power semiconductors, which convert electrical energy to operate power supplies, motor drives, lighting ballasts, and battery operated equipment. Its patented HEXFET? power MOSFETs and IGBTs make IR the world leader in field effect transistors. IR technological advances improve the performance and energy efficiency of electronic and electrical equipment in automotive, consumer, computer/peripheral, industrial, lighting, telecom, and government/space applications.